Whats a girl to do???

  • I was friends with this boy for a long time we are childhood friends, we always keep in touch, we meet arguing stuff is weird, he did everything for me. Problem is he had a girlfriend , I had to switch my approach with him i didnt wait him to be having an emotional affair. its been almost 2 yrs est they are no longer a couple(I think he's over her) he tells me little sibliminal things liike I need you your a potential gf someone I can see myself with, I NEVER responded to it. Then months later he said the same individuals say they love me and care about me but how is that when no one is proving or showing and he put a ?? mark and he asked did I understand I felt he was indirecting , then he also said "Im just waiting for that special one to come around and imma give her my all nothing less, until im just meaning patient and waiting his turn, then he asked again did I understand him . Im interested in him, 2 yrs ago I told him I loved him, ((bad move)) he still holds on to that, but I will feel hurt if he is with someone else, whats a girl to do?? I dont wanna disappoint him, im thinking with my head and not my heart! also does he like me ??

    Im a pisces

    He is a cancer

  • childhood friends? thats gotta be a pretty deep connection to last this long and never faded, he can see himself with you, is that a bad thing? could you see yourself with him? i think that would be a yes because you would be hurt if he was with someone else you said. yes you need to start thinking with your heart, you have known him for a long time and im sure know close too if not everything about him. so my question is, what are you afraid of? you probably dont wanna lose the friendship if it doesnt work out, right? i understand that but, since you know him so well, do you honestly think it wont work out? and why wont it work? or are you scared if it DOES work out and it goes into marriage? im guessing here so i dunno lol does he like you? it sure as he-ll sounds like he does lol why are you refusing to believe he likes you? has he been there for you alot in the past and growing up? or maybe he hasnt i dunno, lol i want details haha take care

  • LillMissPretty, Cancers are never direct in thier actions.. They will dance all around important issues. never seeming to get to it. "Beating Around The Bush" , right?

    From what you have told us in your post. it sounds like you will have to make the move.

    Lillmiss, You are going to have to put on your big girl panties and take control of this situation.

    His hinting and dancing around the issue of how he feels about you is because he is also afraid of your refusing his love.

    Really, the worst that could happen is he says no and you are back in the same situation you are now, minus the pain of not knowing. You have nothing to lose.

    Go get him GRRRLLL!

  • BUMP!

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