Whats a girl to do???

  • I was friends with this boy for a long time we are childhood friends, we always keep in touch, we meet arguing stuff is weird, he did everything for me. Problem is he had a girlfriend , I had to switch my approach with him i didnt wait him to be having an emotional affair. its been almost 2 yrs est they are no longer a couple(I think he's over her) he tells me little sibliminal things liike I need you your a potential gf someone I can see myself with, I NEVER responded to it. Then months later he said the same individuals say they love me and care about me but how is that when no one is proving or showing and he put a ?? mark and he asked did I understand I felt he was indirecting , then he also said "Im just waiting for that special one to come around and imma give her my all nothing less, until im just meaning patient and waiting his turn, then he asked again did I understand him . Im interested in him, 2 yrs ago I told him I loved him, ((bad move)) he still holds on to that, but I will feel hurt if he is with someone else, whats a girl to do?? I dont wanna disappoint him, im thinking with my head and not my heart!Also does he like me?

    Im a pisces

    He is a cancer

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