Something Spooky Happened Last Night!

  • Good Morning All! Last night I experienced something that scared the hell out of me, seemed very real. I'm laying in bed and dozing with T.V. on, my husband was asleep beside me. At first I thought I heard some creepy noises, shrugged it off, suddenly I felt like I was wrestling with a entity, seemed like an evil spirit, angel, demon?? I'm fighting with this thing, and trying to scream for my husband but no words came out. Mentally I'm saying prayers until it just stopped. Had a vivid dream after but I believe it was real and I was awake. Very scary do you guys have any insight? Thanks!

  • Poetic, get a sage smudge stick and go through each room and bring light and positive energy to each room while telling any negative souls to leave,

    Ghosts are just like us but without physical form. If they are intend to fight, then they need to leave.

    Blessed Be hon and love & Light

  • Good Day!

    You were wrestling with a demon. You are too much identified with negative emotions. That can attract demons. You have closed your heart. As you were saying prayers you opened it again for a while, that helped. But you should now try never to close your heart again.

    There is only one life—so if you want to open your heart, if you want to love, if you want to become religious, do it right now—because the tomorrow is not reliable. There may be no tomorrow.

  • Thank u, very scary!

  • Very scary indeed! good for you in your reaction, not good to try & take it on yourself. It does sound like a demonic entity, the one thing to always remember, its cant harm you unless you allow it to, I would take some holy oil or water and anoint every window in the house asking God/dess to protect your home & family and to take whatever that is out of your home, then I would smudge and clear the home & my energy of anything negative and always bless after clearing, don't leave a void, fill it with Love & Light. 😉

    Bright Blessing in Love & Light

  • If this is the first time this has ever happened it is most likely as the others have said. If you've had this before look up "night terrors". It is an actual physical event that happens usually when the person is bodily exhausted but the brain is over stimulated and does not go into the proper r.e.m. waves during sleep. There is a chemical that the dream phase releases in the body that paralizes the body so we don't thrash around in the dream state. I have had these and they are terifying moments! I mostly had them as a young mother due to lack of sleep and my alergies would often trigger one after a day of cleaning and dusting. Once I found out what they are I now know how to avoid them and they are very rare maybe one every few years. It used to scare the bejeejus out of my husband because I'd be making weird gutteral sounds trying to scream for help but the body is asleep. In these episodes it is comman for the person to be aware mentaly but not able to respond. As terifying as night terrors are I hope it's what you had! I agree if you were visited by a passing through maliscious entity you should do all you can to protect yourself and your enviremont without putting much fear into it as these entities feed off of fear. Sage is an excellent purifyer as well as filling your home with busy happy loving vibes--that come with decorating and cleaning. These entities love stagnation and neglect. Visualize a very protective Angelic light radiating your home and have all your guiding angels hold hands in a ring around your bed at night. Also be mindful of your body--make sure you have not been neglectful with your diet and rest.

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  • Thanks to everyone, I have read about night terrors too. I'm going to be vigilant, I read my Bible out loud last night and said aloud that unclean spirits are not welcome in my home, will smuge too. I also envision the White/Golden light. Thanks to all!

  • Hi sweetheart,

    First of all it would help me alot if you could elaborate on the dream that seemed real. I DI NOT

  • Sorry about that, my dog ran across my keyboard. I DO NOT believe that you were wrestling with a demon honey and I don't believe that you have negative thoughts that made this happen, the night terrors fit this situation. Blmoon is very wise and I agree with her. The more fear you feed into this the worse the situation can become. Sage is wonderful and I use it all the time. Since this has never happened to you before I wouldn't be too concerned but I would like to hear about the dream that followed. Please don't let fear get the best of you.

    Hugs and Blessings

  • Aloha Everyone,

    I have been reading about alot of peoples negitive or dark experiences,STOP IT PLEASE !!!!

    There are things out there that you do not want to know about or have in your live's.........

    It's really simple,We are electro magnetic beings,our outer experiences comes from our

    inner feelings,it's time we grow up and be a good parent to our selves, meaning that we need to stay home in our bodies,and resolve and change all of our emotional children from the time we were born.

    What we vibrate is our asking from the universe,So please know your selve's,what are we asking for

    to show up in our life's,We have not much time,The tetrahedral energy that's been coming in

    is a very fast vibration and it 's coming from the heart of GOD !!!

    And it's causing the fear energy to freak out, It knows it does not have much of a life left and is hooking up to any fear that it can feed on......

    So please hold hands with your spirit and ask your spirit to holds hands with god,and ask that this be a unbreakable bond,and no one and nothing not even you can break this bond !!!!!!!!!


  • Perfectly said oceanspirit11.

    Love and Blessings

  • Hello all, very interesting conversations, I appreciate all help. I don't remember what I dreamed after, but I do remember someone told me to write down some numbers but I didn't, I dreamed someone stole a lotto ticket from me. I've had dreams like this before but when I'm asleep it's like I can quote whole scriptures if necessary. I never thought of myself as negative, although I use to suffer from severe depression, but no much lately. Thanks for all of your wisdoms! I had been trying to meditate lately though.

  • Mahalo Alisa922

    I reread my reply,and it sounded a little harse,so please excuse me,If you could see through my

    eye's of what is really going on,we would all stand up and grow up and get in line to save our planet

    and our own live's.

    We all came here with with our own special talents or inner gifts,and we signed contracts with god,

    we all have important things we should be doing,we forgot ! We are all living lives to satisfy our personallites,and that is not who we are,that is what we created,IT'S what we came in with that is important !!!!! WHEN DOES OUR SPIRIT GET TO HAVE THE LIFE IT WANTS !!!!

    Mahalo and Aloha With Much Love From Maui..........

  • oceanspirit

    you just forget to breath sometime! I noticed some dark stuff creap in as well--on another post. It's out of it's element so will disapear. It's out there--it is real and there is always a counter push in return--this battle between good and evil has been always and grows and wanes and peaks and valleys. You are right-- this is the counter movement in direct response

    to a recent dark time--the time of the big ego I call it. Grand illusions of wealth and honor--castles built on sand. But now a movement of healing grows. Many battles--one war--and God ALWAYS wins.

  • I do believe it was an entity. I used to get "attacked" regularly by one, it was an incubus that gave me the sensation that I was being raped, and it started out attacking my roomate but then latched on to me, buthen followed me everywhere. I tried everyone I could think of, meditation, sage, surrounding myself with light etc...It actually broke up the only love of my life I had when it attacked him-he got scared. he didn;t even believe me until it attacked him...Eventually the attacks got less frequent, and it has been a long time now..but the experience was very real. Fear makes it worse, so surround yourself with loving thoughts.

  • Okay! How horrible for you. Do you believe in God? If so pray and believe, it works! Love n Light!

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