Help from an animal psychic

  • On December 18th 2009 I lost my best friend, and soul mate Jericho, he passed suddenly of "bloat" Jericho was nearing his 3rd birthday which would have been January 26th. I couldn't have asked for a better friend, he was beautiful, he loved to cuddle and sleep right next to me. But since the beginning of October our living situation had changed, we were staying at my mothers house waiting to make settlement on our house, and his living conditions had to be changed from what they would normally have been, which caused me great upset, because he was not able to sleep with me, although 4 nights prior to his passing I was able to sneak him in and he was able to sleep with me, but when I woke at 6:30 am that morning I noticed that his belly was bloated and in talking to him I told him that as soon as the vets office opened at 9 am I would be able to get him in there to see the doctor, we laid back down and feel asleep and when I woke again at 8:30 he was gone. This has broken my heart, I want him to know my life will not be the same without him in it. And that I would have done what ever needed to be done to have saved his life, I want him to know that I contacted a taxidermous because I never wanted to not be able to see him but I was told that with that disease that was not an option, so I had him cremated and he is right on my night stand. I told him several times a day from the time I got him at 13 weeks old that I loved him and always hugged him and gave him kisses. Can you please pass on to him that I miss him terribly and I wish he was here with me or that I could be there with him and that I love him so much and that will never change. And that we will meet up again and be together forever.

  • This is a picture of the Urn that I purchased for Jericho to be for his final resting place, please excuse the name on there as this is the picture from the site that I purchased it from and not the actual Urn where he rests.

  • I am trying to post a picture of Jericho so you can see just how beautiful he was

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