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  • Olivebranch said " I would love for you to do a reading for me. New year not going well, yet still thankful for what i do have. won't know outcome of surgery for a couple months so stressed over that. Of course my love interest born 10jun64 came back in my life and now is doing the don't want to hurt you, not sure it could work out (he's never been married) and I am lonely, sad, worried/scared and need to know if my love life, finances, health will impove and if I should consider relocating, going back to school. My birthdate is 26feb61. Happy New year to all. love and light."

    Hi Olivebranch, I did catch your comments on Cancer64's thread but I thought I would re post them and my reply so they didn't get 'lost' or interfere with her thread. Also hopefully Blmoon and otheres will see them and respond. Tbh, I don't have the skill of Blmoon and many others on this site. Years ago I used to read the Tarot a bit and was quite intuitive. I left that behind as I pursued training the more 'analytical' side of my brain. Now I'm coming back to it but my insight it very, very, limited.

    Add to that, I'm tired and struggling with some things at home and I find I'm not able to tell you much at all. That said, as I read your comments my 'gut reactions' were;

    1. Your health will improve - it will be ok

    2. Re your returning love interest - you need to put him on the back burner.

    3. Yes to going back to school.

    Sorry, I wish I could tell you more but I'd be making it up! Maybe when I'm on a bit more of an even keel, I'll try a tarot reading. Hopefully someone with more talent than I will come along and answer you.

    Bright blessings


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