Blmoon- question about nursing , please don't ignore my post Please read! .

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I was sure it was u that was a nurse, and I need help deciding about a career choice. If u do not want to help me in a pyschic way, that is fine, but as a person I can respect that. I want to have time for my son. I love him so much, and we are very connected to each other. I have tried doing the opposite of my normal self and think this through. I am worried about leaving him, and I am worried about the class load. How much studying is involved? How much of what you study is actually applied? Is it a lucritive job field still? Or am I throwing 30,000 down the drain and along with precious time with my son? I have other issues that I need to worry about that need to be kept in line. My other worries are that I will be in the same boat, stuck at my parents house with my son still dependent on them bc I have made another bad choice. I am worried mentally I won't retain anything, or that I will get into the program and realize I am not qualified for this line of work. when I do graduate, do I work 5 days a week or am I available to my son? Will I be able to be apart of school activities? How many days a week can a I work at min. and receive benefits? What is a day of nursing like? I am full fo tons of questions. Please help me. I am told by people on here I know what is right and what is wrong but nothing in my life has ever been black or white it is shades of gray. In the past I have just been bull headed and went on my own path without thought or consequence. Now I am on the opposite end of the spectrum and I have fear of failure and lack of trust that somehow things will work out. I need to do what is best for my son and everyone. He only has me, not another parent in the picture. Thank u.

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