Help I cannot figure aquarius man...and I'm aquarius female!!!!

  • I don't understand how I ended up being so caught up with this aquarius man we've known each other for at least ten years, lost track of each other along the years and recently caught up again we are strictly friends and our feelings are not out in the open.. yet I'm completely head over heels over him and Im an aquarius female. Sometimes I get the feeling he's into me but then at times he's cold and distant and I can't read him. Since we are both aquarius it's really hard for me to play hard to get and act just on a "friendly" level when deep down inside Im drooling over him yet I think I've gave him hints just from eye contact and in fact about ten years ago he wanted to go out with me but at the time I was not into him like that... Is he playing hard to get.. and would he make a move if he was interested ... or maybe he really does just sees me on a strictly level... I need help if it helps he's from the end of Jan and I'm from feb 9th.... 😞

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  • starry10: hi, i'm an aqua girl too. and born on the 9th, we share birthday. 🙂 if he is an aqua he must be quite straight and honest, as we aquas are. why are you hiding your feelings? i mean me as an aqua wouldn't bear too long without telling or showing it indirectly... if he is a true aqua you have to be able to talk to him about it, no?

    anyways i think an aqua can hardly play hard to get. at least if i think of me, i never did that, since i'm so honest and straight about my feelings, for me playing hard to get is an unnecessary move, waste of time. dont know, im a girl, he is a man, so dont know whether there are big differences even if both are aquarius. any more detailed info on you two? like how is he behaving? does he ever give any signs of being into you?

  • starry10: hi im an aqua girl as well, although im the 18th feb, so almost a pisces. My male friend is also an aqua, he is the 14th. I dont show my feelings for fear of being rejected and abandoned. I was married to a capricorn, born on boxing day for many yrs ,ending it because of his drinking, 4yrs ago. Since then I have had various friendships with no sex or romance and alot of wishing, involving a divorsed pisces,and a gemini who became separated during our friendship. Both of these men I liked, especially the gemini which went on 2yrs. Both of them made me think they were interested but they never asked me to go for a drink ect. This might be due to the fact that I was frightened and kept blowing hot and cold to them, while wanting to have a relationship with them. I am unable to express my feelings for fear of rejection and eventually they gave up and in the case of the gemini found someone else recently.. With my aqua its got so confusing that recently he read something I said as being a rejection when it wasnt. So yesterday we sat and talked about the whole thing. I realized that, although I go out to talks and lectures and work with him and have know him longer then my others, i am not attracted to him. That he has a need for something more, that has led to him manipulating my codependency, in the fact that , although I knew I didnt want to say yes, I was ,because I didnt want to hurt him. He also rejected me on the only time I did saying I was withdrawing, when I was genuinly tired and wanted a night in. This led me to the conclusion, which was wrong, that I must like him and not be totally aware of it. Yesterdays cards on the table made me realize all this and that I dont want to satisfy his needs because I dont want him in that way. From this conclusion I think its best to discuss the reality of the situation including feelings and hopefully his, and not be held back by the fear of the concequences.This for me would remove any "that look ment he liked me" when it didnt at all. I wish more then anything I had told my gemini because he joined a dating agency and met a woman, who he says he has alot in common with and hasnt contacted me since even to wish me happy christmas. so there it goes. Next time hopefully I will tell them how I feel or ask them how they feel.

  • starry10, 1. In order for love to last with an Aquarius, there must be friendship between the 2. So you're off to a good start there. Aquarians have a fear (and yet a yearning desire) for intimacy. Esp the men. I should know.. I've been with one for 28 years.

    You cannot just go by his Sun Sign. Look at his Venus. That is what he wants in love. If it's in Capricorn, you must be useful to him. If it's in Aries, you need to be a challenge to be won over .. and over.. and over. Check his Mars as well.

    And above all, keep your individuality. Don't try to mold yourself into what you think he wants. Aquarians would rather be around someone they disagree with who are true to themselves than be with someone who is trying to fit a cookie cutter mold.

    And if you become a couple, realize it won't be like other couples. Accept the unconventionality. If you're both happy with the arrangement, to heck with what everyone else does.

  • thanks for all your comments .... okay well .. I guess it's eating me up because I do want to be up front, yet I stop myself because he's either just ending a relationship or it's very recent that it ended so I don't want to be pushy and me as an aquarius girl would rather eat it all up than to get rejected I won't let my feeling known ... I flirt here and there well to be honest it's probably not flirting to anyone else but to me that's as much as I'll allow myself. Any advice from some aquarius men in here?

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