Could anyone`please give me a reading?

  • I have a lot going on now emotionally wise, I was supposed to get married in March and go live to a different country with my then "soon to be husband", but that fell through two months ago. Could someone give me a reading and turn on a little bit of a light regarding the subject?

    I am a Pisces, born March 16th 1982. I would really apreciate it.

  • a little bit of a light regarding the subject: You are lovers. Standing on a crossroad, decide for your heart, go the way your love is leading you to.

    There is a very strong indication of travel or moving your home or your business. It could indicate a change in your health as well. At its most basic level, it means a change in your lifestyle, or the things that you do day in and day out. Something will change that affects the way you live or the things that you do each day.

    This usually brings with it a certain amount of restlessness and the desire for changes or travel. It can result in a dissatisfaction with the way your life has been that motivates you to want new things, lifestyles, and experiences. There is a strong Sagittarian influence to it.

    This speed mania has to be stopped. There is no need. Each step has to be enjoyed and celebrated Speed is unspiritual. The very idea of speed is unspiritual. Why not enjoy each moment of life? Then each moment becomes a goal itself.

  • thank you so much Hans for taking the time. Funny how you say Saggitarian influence, considering my Moon is in Sagitarius. Lets hope that the traveling, at it's own pace, will lead me back to where my heart is now.

    And considering the germanic name you have: Herzliche Grüsse!


  • Herzliche Grüsse zurück zu Dir, Dani, ganz recht, nicht nur der Name ist deutsch.

    Let everything come and pass, and you simply be a mirror. If you are a mirror you cannot carry the past with you, and if you don’t carry the past you will remain fresh, you will remain you, you will remain in a continuous process of birth. Each moment you will be born anew.

  • Danke, mein deutsch ist nicht so gut, aber ich kann dich verstanden!

    Trying my best to let things come and pass, but it is hard... after all i am only human, so is the person i was going to marry and who i still love. Sometimes our humanity gets in the way and takes us away from the path the divine had for us. I can only hope we can return to our paths, because it's amazing how the divine in us kicks and screams when things are not the way they are supposed to be, and believe me, its not a pretty thing to feel.

  • I was enlightened by your respnce to PisecesDani.

    Hans, can you please do a reading for my husband and I

    I'm Rabha Sagittarius/Snake and my husband is a Capricorn/Dragon

    I was born 4th Dec 1977 and Mohammed 1st January 1965.

    We got married in 14th Aug 2009

  • I was enlightened by your respnce to PisecesDani.

    Hans, can you please do a reading for my husband and I

    I'm Rabha Sagittarius/Snake and my husband is a Capricorn/Dragon

    I was born 4th Dec 1977 and Mohammed 1st January 1965.

    We got married in 14th Aug 2009

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  • PiscesDani,

    wherever you are, reality is. You are part of reality and you exist only as an organic part to reality. You cannot go away. You cannot separate yourself.

    Never think of the future -- not even of tomorrow, not even of the next moment that is just going to come. This way of thinking of the future keeps you tense, worried, never allows you to be relaxed and enjoy the moment that is available.

  • Rola,

    a reading for your husband and you: you are burdened with too much stress.

    Mohammed has the desire for money or the birth of a new way of earning money. That represents new beginnings, a desire for something that starts a new cycle of creating. He is the representative of pure creative energy.

    This represents his value systems, the things that he likes or dislikes, treasures or discards. So, it means that he experiences the birth of a new value or that he suddenly likes or wants something that he didn't before.

    Because he commonly associates this with money and his work, this can mean the beginning of a new financial enterprise or the desire to obtain money for a specific purpose.

    Rabha rules through love, compassion and wisdom. She has all the power and knowledge of love and knows how to use it, thus it gives you the opportunity to have more control over your feelings and romantic impulses. This will bring more success in all your personal relationships.

    It often indicates having an enjoyable sexual relationship or in some cases, marriage. But for you it brings success in dealing with your own emotions, success with the public and in any of the artistic fields and romantic success in one form or another.

    One need not go anywhere to be blissful. One can sit silently, be alone, and be blissful. Nothing else is needed; just the pulsation of life is enough.

  • quenkath,

    a general reading for your son: his former richness of love and beauty is now being distributed like under coercion only to the parents.

    This indicates a change in his financial condition, up or down, money coming in or going out. This card can also indicate changing locations or the way in which he does business. Another possible manifestation would be taking one or more trips.

    At its deepest level, this signals a time when he will undergo a change in values. If his values, or what he really wants from life, changes, it is likely that many other changes will occur at the same time. He could move to a new location, get a new job or even change relationships. In other words, all things valued are susceptible to a big change.

  • Hello Hans, Happy New Year! No requests today. Taking life day by day. 🙂

  • Thank you poetic555,

    the circle is complete.

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  • "under coercion" means "being under influence, under pressure".

    He will not be okay with his friends. As I wrote he is too much fixated on his parents.

    And as most kids with 14 he is now undergoing big changes, see above.

    You should like him to be rebellious, because only in that rebelliousness will he blossom to his full potential, will he release his fragrance. Then he will not be a repressed individual, as man has remained for centuries... the most repressed animal. Even birds are far more free, far more natural, far more in tune with nature.

  • Thanks Hans spot-on, what do you see our fortune, luck, opportunitys for 2010.

  • Thanks Hans spot-on, what do you see our fortune, luck, opportunity s for 2010.

  • what do I see your fortune, luck, opportunities for 2010: this year will be your year, being the empress, relaxed and natural, maybe becoming a mother.

    Drop all that is false and discover that which is real and essential. The moment it is discovered you enter into a totally different kind of life. Once the phoniness disappears, once the falsity disappears, each moment becomes so full of ecstasy that it is almost impossible to believe that so much ecstasy is available. But the ecstasy is available only to the real. For the false there is only misery.

  • Thanks Hans ... and whats' my husband Mohammeds' fortune, luck, opportunities foe 2010?

  • Whats' your husband Mohammeds' fortune, luck, opportunities for 2010? He will be successful in his career, if he can proceed in a balanced way.

    He should feel wonder, he should feel awe, because in 2010 he should have a love affair with existence.

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