Hisbablove's follow up readings

  • Here we are ladies:)

    The next postings will be, as promised, your original questions and my readings for you. Once we're all caught up, think about what you've received thus far and respond with any thoughts/questions. We'll pick up where we left off then.

    Blessings and Light


    Good morning all....I would love it if I could get a reading for 2010, hopefully it will be a better year! I was compelled to post today. I have much unrest.

    A divorce scheduled for a hearing in Feb

    My father acting like an **** about my youngest son

    My oldest is supposed to deploy soon

    My youngest has issues with his current engagement

    I am in a loveless relationship with a real sweet man (just cant get to loving him as he does me

    Tax issues like nobodys business!!

    WOW.....does anyone have this much time to help????? I really need some answers. thanks


    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones:)

    I know this might make you chuckle, but I am getting that you are almost always standing in the midst of a swirling tornado of issues and conflicts that don't have very much to do with YOU (not you the mom, or you the wife, etc) but with who and what you are to those around you. As if you're standing there, still and calm, while everyone throws everything at you or you draw it to you like a magnet. You field all this upheaval and need and seem outwardly calmer than you are.

    You laugh a lot, joke or chuckle it off, make a wry comment, or with an abundantly loving and seemingly serene heart, take it all in stride. You reassure, listen, tell them it will be okay, and you will manage, for them and for you.

    You know how to be just the "right" wife, mother, friend, etc. You are generally very good natured and easy going. But, inside you,while you tell them all it will be okay,you yourself worry and fear, you stifle the tears, the anguish, the worry and maybe even the emptiness.

    Even from yourself. You keep your feelings and fears very much to yourself and, even when you do acknowledge them, its with a sort of head shaking semi smile that says "I may be complaining a bit, but you know, its just the usual...never mind me...that's life..."

    I don't really know where you want your reading to focus on. It can be all those areas, and I'm happy to help where I can. But, why, even here, where no one is looking over your shoulder or who knows who you are, are you putting everyone and everything first? Why, and for how long, are you going to feel that your only valid focus should be the needs and well being of others?

    Maybe it might be time for you to ask for you. I'm almost afraid to tell you that I am getting messages for some of your other concerns for fear of you ignoring everything I said and run with that. Think about what was given to you here first. I will happily answer your questions after that. The guides want this for you. I tend to agree:)

    Blessings and Light


    I was told by a psychic at one time that I needed an empath to help me. Finally, perhaps I have made it to the right place! I wouuld appreciate so very much any guidande or insigght you would be willing to share with me. I have been involved with my ex boyfriend for 36 years in some form or another. I feel a very strong bond to him and always have. he is Gemini and I am Pisces. I really need to know what he is up to or how he feels about me now. i want to either move away (in a spiritual sense) from him or draw closer. I will tell you why I am so confused. He contacted me last year and since I am so afraid of flying, he came to get me where I live and met me at the airport and we flew back to his house. He called me at least three times a week or more and then the communication got less and less over a year and two month period. I rarely hear from him now and when I am with him He makes me happy, I mean really safe feeling and content and calm. I will never stop loving him, I never have no matter what he thinks or feels. So that is part of the reason i want to know if he loves me or wants me, and if not, fine, I will re-arange my feelings to not be so hurt (limit his access to me) Lately, since he is having financial problems (this seems to correspond) he rarely calls , e-mails and is very distant when I do talk to him. He had our life all planned out. On his end , in his head. I had other ideas to make the relationship work for me. So now I imagine that he could have been playing a wicked game with me -because he was under the assumption that I had money, or he is too stressed to deal with me and unemployment at the same time, or he just never loved me in the first place. He still denies knowing that I was pregnant with our child (I do not believe him) Or he could just have a lot of women and like to be a batchelor. I just really want the truth. Can anyone help me, please?


    I hope you are well and your holidays were beautiful.

    I've got to tell you that I'm getting a lot from this situation. So much,in fact, that I have been trying to manage it and figure it out so I can put together some kind of thoughts that make sense.

    I really have a hard time when the messages come to me like this and its so much more difficult when my own guilt or desire to get back to the person waiting for the message is all over me.

    One thing I do know is that there is more here than you are telling me, you know and have experienced things in this relationship that you are either intentionally overlooking or not wanting to share here. There is nothing at all wrong with either of those situations and you need to only give a nondescript account of the situation for me to do the reading, but,when the picture I am being given is vastly different than the "real life" scenario, it makes the reading that much more clouded and the guides that more agitated.

    I can see and KNOW that you have been through a lot, almost unreasonable highs and lows, much emotional upheaval in this relationship and have almost always either questioned yourself, blamed yourself, talked yourself into excusing or accepting what has happened. I feel that you are almost grateful, clinging to every wisp of kindness, every gesture that might mean a return of the love you have given. You have been kept emotionally tethered to this man. Yet you know more, feel more, sense more than you are acknowledging. I feel that. All of it.

    I am getting a great deal of conflict and discomfort when I connect with him and that is what the guides want me to understand in giving this reading. I don't know why, but where HE is concerned, I'm being told to wait. I'm being told that we need to read you, get to the heart and truth of you before we can get to him. Its part of the broader, and much more important message in your reading and the guides are telling me you won't get the message or accept it where he is concerned unless you break through that shield you have erected between yourself and your truths.

    If you are open and prepared to go from here, let me know. If not, it okay too. I'm here to help and to get you the messages that you need. Don't worry and don't be apprehensive. Its going to be okay.

    Blessings and Light



    Hisbablove, Thank you for the insight! I did indeed chuckle! One of my desrest friends describes the same thing you see. She tells me I thrive on putting "fires" out and if there are no "fires", I will create one. The tornadic energy is always around me. I am not sure if this is a co-dependent issue, or personality flaw! I am trying to become more in tune with myself. I would like to focus more on me but all of my friends and family are always coming to me with their problems and, of course, I am always there for them. I could feel proud and honored that my opinion is so important to others and they feel as if they can talk to me. I do give them much empathy and am able to see things clearly from an outside standpoint. But this is zapping my energy as well! Maybe I should focus more on myself and my path in this reading, but all the other questions are important to me as well. I am especially concerned about my divorceand my children's well being. The money problems will work themselves out eventually. I am most interested in when I will find that special person in my life. Thank you for your reply..I will look forward to more if you feel the timing is right. Blessings and light!!!!!!


    hisbablove - Everything you have said about this situation is true. I am so sorry that in trying to read HIM it caused you discomfort in any way! I am so thankful for your help, whenever you are able to give it! What can I add? - My boyfriend abandoned me when he knew I was pregnant with his child, but wanting the child and loving this unborn child so much as I did, I hid this pregnancy for as long as I could, staying at friends houses so my mother would not find out. I was 16. My parents did find out and said I was no longer their daughter and what would 'people' think??? I was no longer welcome in their home if I gave birth to this child. (This pains me so to this day, and I cried everyday for years for the lost child) My mother got her way and I felt at the time I had no other choice but to have an abortion, at a late stage (many M.D.'s would not do my mother's bidding, but she is not sensitive like me and of course will never know the horrors of waking up without that baby with me.) I got married when I was 18 and had two children, who are now adults. Of course one canot replace a child with another one, as I stupidly thought. I am still married to this same man but who I married at 18, but the Gemini man, my first love keeps coming back, and I go with him. My husband was drunk for our entire marriage until last year, when I went away with HIM. So, I raised the cildren the best I could , on my own basically. My husband has always ignored me . He just doesn't 'see' me. That is what it seems or feels like to me. He also says he will never give me a divorce. I do not understand WHY this manI knew first contacted me last year and was insisting I get a divorce and come and live with him until all the 'maintenance' money from a divorce was used up and them he would "think about marrying me". I honestly do not know why I tolerate this treatmentfrom HIM. That is a pretty dark scheme if he was trying to convince me to be with him to get money! But I do not put it past him. For all I know and imagine he could even have a woman friend (romantic interest) in on this. Not to sound paranoid, but I am trying very hard to think of everything to tell you to work with your guides. (And Bless you and Thank you again!!) I feel like a murderess and have tried to give this death sentence to myself in the past. You are right in everything you said about me. My son was almost killed in a car accident two years ago and maybe you are picking up some of that??? no one expected him to live and he heard this somehow, not being able to speak, used his hands to summon paper and a pen to write and wrote messages to me as if he could see the very lines he was writing on! Thethings he wrote make me cry and are heartbreaking , so I do not read them often, but do keep them. I really do not know which man is worse for me , HIM, or my husband? Both of their initials start with P. My husband is the Aries. I do not have enough money for a divorce, that was all in my ex-boyfriends head. They are bothvery controlling men. I tend to gravitate to controlling men. I was abandoned by my father on Christmas Eve. My mother re- married the man who eventuallly shunned me because of the baby. It is strange, but that child seems close and aches in my heart to feel, this started happening strongly in the past two years.(Again) If I only knew the truth, I have the strenghth, believe it or not, to tell HIM to leave me alone forever. But what if I am wrong? What if I project the things my husband does to me onto HIM? Would a person being on drugs or drinking cause a discomfort in trying to read? Or be confused?HE told me he used to drink and use cocaine a lot, I had no idea, I did not seee him during those years , he was married. They have (or do still) cheated on me with many women, so my husband knows I was unfaithful to him and 'says' he forgives but does not! I am very depressed and afraid. I don't know what else to say to help you to help me! You are amazing to me, that you can do this. I feel a very uncontrolled energy that I have not worked with enough. So.... I thank you so very much for helping me to understand so I will hopefully be able to move away or towards this situation with HIM. Anything that comes to you to ask me , feel free to ask. Bright Blessings Upon You.............2fishes

  • I hope that helps organize and set us up well. TURTLEDUST AND CALI4NIAGIRLZ:

    You each have your own threads, which I'm fine responding/reading for you on as we have been, but if you would like to come on over here, please don't feel you can't. Whatever is easiest for you is fine with me:)

    Blessings and Light

  • Hisbablove,

    I am so sorry to bug you here, but I need your help. I have tried my best to learn my own lessons as Blmoon and MommaLibra have pointed out, but several things have occurred that have me at a loss, and I just can't make heads or tails of it.

    For awhile now, I have this feeling in the back of my mind, that big changes are going to take place in my life, both career and personal wise. And I have been anxiously awaiting the new year, bc I have a feeling these changes will begin to occur late spring/early summer.

    but for the past two weeks or so, I have been feeling unusually drained and extremely tired, to the point it's hard to get through the day. It reminds me of when I started to work at the children's hospital, where I would come home extremely drained until I learned how to shield myself. But I don't think that's the situation here, although only the sickest kids stay in the hospital over the holidays, so it's not unusual to lose a few during those days, this year has been the best so far, with everyone coming thru fine, with maybe some bumps on the road, but overall it's been a very happy time at the hospital. But the tiredness persists, almost as though I am going into hibernation or shut-down mode, but I don't feel depressed. Been there and this time it doesn't feel the same.

    I have also, not exactly having bad dreams, but feeling as though I am being told to wake up only to see a wisp of smoke in the room, that slowly disappears once I stare at it. I am left with a feeling not of fear but uneasiness, that I can't quite put my finger on.

    And last but not least, in the past two days, I have had two near auto collisions, that if it weren't for the fact that I am a cautious driver with good reflexes, it could have been a disaster.One where I managed to break within less than a feet of the other driver where I would have T-boned her. The look of absolute fear in her eyes stayed with me the rest of the day.

    Blmoon and Goldenhill have validated that changes are coming into my life, and Blmoon's message about my dream about white flowers is that " a child's heart draw many angels", that many angels are helping me with this change, but I just have a feeling of overall uneasiness and extreme tiredness that I can't seem to shake lately.

    Any insights or advice ?

  • Hisbablove,

    Thank you, this is very helpful to read everything in sequence. After reading the original postings, I realized.....I already found out that Dad was acting strange because of his physical pain and it had nothing to do with anything but that....My youngest has worked out his issues and is going to put off his engagement for now....The oldest deploys tomorrow and I feel amazingly calm about it

    I guess I am trying to say that things are, as they always do, working them selves out.

    I do want to know what the guides say about me! Yes, about me.

    I need to get my focus back on myself and let the rest go.

    I appreciate your help so much!

    (found it odd your name on here was my ex's pet name for me....baby love) too strange!

  • Can I ask you what comes through for me from my guides? This year is starting off good, infact I just met some new friends this morning, from work, one of my friends invited me to go and I did. One of them paid for everyone's breakfast! I am still upset over Patrick, but I am trying to move on. but, any messages will be appreciated!!

    My name is Nikk, my b.d. is 04-27-79.


  • Dear Hisbabylove

    This forum is for followup readings but if you have time,could you please read what comes up for me right now?!If you need any details about me ,Ill post them.

    Thanksand Love and light

  • Hisbabylove, I am not sure what post this is from and I could only imagine that it is so big since you were doing readings. Happy New Year and thank you for contributing to the forum as always. I would love to have a reading for 2010, since so far it has not been off to a great start. Dec 09 female cancer has been removed only now to have a spot on my face they are concerned about, wow it just never seems to end. I am healthy and athletic and the trying to stay that way and yet the stress of the divorce last year (husband betrayed me after 30 years together and then was not nice about it) and having to start over with finance concerns, job..... I am a Pisces born 2/26/61 and do not know birthtime in Youngstown, Ohio. I also had the object of my affection come back into my life last month and then did the same pull then push thing where he says he does not want to hurt me and knows he will in the long run. I know we have a connection but he pulls me in then backs off. He is a Gemini born 6/10/64, my

    X was a Gemini so you would think I would learn. If you can give me any insight into my health, my Gemini and what is going on with him and if there is anything I can do to help and if that is not going to work do you see anyone else? Anything about health, fiance, job or relocation, school anything would be of great help. I am trying to be positive. Again thank you and I do like how you are trying to set up your forum questions and answers. Love, light, joy and happiness.

  • Hi hisbablove: I hope you are okay now and that the stressful thing you had to deal with has settled down some. I am trying to kick myself into gear and get some things done. I made it past my holiday crisis. Things are still not good, but I digest all the advice everyone gives me down to the smallest thing. Even little things, like I am worrying about finances and my friend pointed out that if I changed all my light bulbs out to flourescent bulbs, I might save $50/month on electricity use. (I have a lot of light bulbs). The other thing is to heed my own advice when I spend money - is this a "want thing" or a "need thing". Well, we need to pay mortgages and utility bills and buy food and school lunches and do repairs to the house and pay for childcare. But everything is is somewhat optional. I am amazed and somewhat ashamed at the accumulation of 20 years of "stuff", much of which has been shiny worthless objects that we don't need, that sit around gathering dust or in storage boxes. I needto do the same with the "stuff" in my head as well. Thanks again so much for your help. I hope the little spirit guys

    don't keep you awake after you read my post. 🙂

  • Hi bab. long time no see.

    i hope ill find mine here or elsewhere too. whenever u have the time n energy darl.

    i pray all is well n that u is fine. talk to u soon darl kiss kiss n hugggggggsssss

  • Hi bab: I'm losing it a bit again. Between the divorce, my kids, my job, my (ex) husband and the mess he has created in the financial aspects of my less and having him cal me 5 or 6 times in a row at work today because he wants something and so on - I am just about to start screaming and shouting and crying all at once.I have called the few friends I have - they are scattered about the country and I don't want to dump more on them. Unfortunately the couple friends I have here on the West Coast have had more than their share because their time zone matches mine. .I so badly wish that I had someone to give me a hug. Maybe make me some tea and tuck me in and tell me it will be okay. I can't call the one guy who is my friend because

    I don't want him to think I am clingy and losing it either and he has his own family problems.

    Do you think I will have a real companion soon. Someone who will really love me and be with me? ( Besides my little girl who I know loves me - I mean an adult - i.e. not my MOM)

    I am going to attach my picture if it will load. My little girl took this last summer right after they finished rebuilding the bridge in my backyard. Do you think I look old?

  • It didn't like my picture. I will try one more time

  • Okay - I think I got it small enough this time. Maybe someone can see an aura. Heh heh

  • Hi Turtledust,

    I just wanted to let you know that Hisbablove is not around at the moment, she has not forgotten you and will be more than happy to help you again in future, but right at this time she has some personal stuff going on. She is so giving and such a beautiful person that she doesn't show her own stress while helping others. One of the stresses in her life at the moment is her 17 year old cousin has been involved in a car accident and pretty much hanging between life and death. As you can imagine, she is devastated and at the hospital most of the time. It would be great if you could add your prayers for her cousin John and his family and Hisbablove, I will post up the link to the thread for you in a minute.

    By the way, when we go through stresses one after the other and it takes it toll and we feel it physically and can think it has made us look tired and drawn at that time, but I don't think you look old. You have a lovely approachable face with a great smile. I know what you have been going through has put a dent in your confidence, but don't beat yourself up anymore. You will get through this and in future there will be happier times coming. Hang in there.

    Wenchie :-))

  • Here is the link.....


    You are an attractive lady, you just need to have more confidence in yourself and have confidence that good things are coming your way.

  • Oh my - I will go to the link immediately. I didn't realize how serious it was. I remember watching a program and there was something that struck me as so true- Everything around us can be falling apart, other people can be seriously ill or dying, but at the time, we always think that our own problems are the greatest and that is all there is in the world.

    We often forget about everyone else in the world and all the other issues because our own problems see so big. Thank you for posting the link

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