Libra Lady wanting another Taurus Man

  • I absolutely love Taurus men! My best boyfriends have always been Taurus men. Lately, I have been running through a string of Cancer and Pisces men; oh God please I swear I will run so far and fast if I meet another one. I have a Pisces man who has been a thorn and a salve but he hides in the shadows of New York but we still keep in touch. Taurus men wine and dine me, get offended if I try to pay for something and treat me like the black velvet rose that I am. I love their stubbornness because I get to use my Libra wiles to melt them. Please Lord and Lady make my husband a Taurus; just like all of the wonderful men in my life have been like my father and my grandfather. Taurus men know how to nurture!

  • Mz.Frangelica, hey! Libra lady..

    I am a Taurus woman, and loving it, though I have been in an on and off relationship but for the most part on relationship with a LIBRA MAN. It is not easy to bit and chew his personality; but I love him. He can never commence to taking one road and sticking with that one road. I have dealt with the flirting, lies, cheating, I have had to go through that with him on a number of occasion. now, he is in Iraq and I am in Saint Louis MO.....We argue constantly because of the egos clashing and he always likes to be right whereas I tell it like it is with no intentions on being right or wrong. I simple love him and tells him the truth all the time.He makes me feel at times so insecure that I accuse him everyday of cheating on me when i don't have any proof. I was wondering if you could help me figure him out so I can get some insight on how I can keep up with him, and know when he is lying, and what he likes and don't like. I mean I can never tell though we have been together four years this year in July. He is indecisive, easily persuaded, and does his own thing when he wants to. Oh! lies the lies i tell you. But every time I get my bags packed in my head, my body and heart always tells me to stay. He cries for me to never leave him no matter the enormity of his faults and intentions; he know that I am a very good woman TAURUS WOMAN who takes good care of him domestic wise, cooking cleaning, washing him up, I do it all he is treated like a king with me. I wait on him hand and foot everyday ironing his clothes. I am beginning to feel like I am lowering myself; because he lies just to keep me from actually leaving him; on the contrary he always says how he wants to leave too saying that I accuse him of cheating everyday and he hates that I do that with out proof. I know I don't have proof

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