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  • Hi,

    I hope someone can give me a second opinion on my reading. I have no clue what the sun signifies for his feelings. I assume it is a bad meaning, just not sure what. This reading reflects a man(a customer at my work) who knows I like him and now avoids me.

    Thank you.

    Type of relationship he wants with me: 8 of coins (no type of relationship is his decision)

    His feelings: Four of cups (lack of interest)

    What he feels for me: The sun ?....no idea, hope someone can interpret

    Best approach to take: Ten of swords (move past this)

    Most likely outcome between us: Nine of wands (for me to be aggresive in not having the situation affect me).

  • 8 Pent/Coin/Earth

    "Feel" is that he is uncertain & perhaps only considers the more "mundane" aspects of potential relationship. The "lean on me" of friends & acquaintences when times get rough, but not the "through the mud" that goes with being more closely/intimately acquianted. He may just not be ready for something like this; his focus is elsewhere (like on vocation or success in the workplace, etc.)

    4 Cups/Water

    Again, uncertainty. He may feel that he should seek something more ideal; does not feel that anything serious would be fulfilling for himself. This may be that he doesn't "feel that way" or that past experiences in his life have soured things for him; again, an indication that he may not be ready at the moment.


    He probably thinks you're a bright & warm person. He DOES like you. But, given the first few cards, not likely in the way that counts between a man & woman who are intimately close in relationships.

    10 Swords/Air

    You've got the right of it. Let this idea go.

    Sorry sis. If you had your heart set on this, the cards appear to be saying that you've a valuable friend here, but not the love partner you may wish for. He may warm up to you in this manner in time or it may be that you'll just need to accept this & just be friends. Listen to your heart; you'll know if you should wait for him or not. Ultimately that's what counts.

    (If someone else wants to take a swing, I'd love to be proven wrong for Sabrina's sake.)

  • Thanks so much for your reply. I thought the sun meant he thinks I am immature because of the child in the picture. Thanks also for the advice.


  • "I thought the sun meant he thinks I am immature because of the child in the picture."

    That's not altogether impossible. I would lean towards perception of immaturity or childishness or just too young (in some obvious cases) if the card had been dealt upside down (and therefore interpreted in a more negative or obstructive, rather than positive or constructive, sense).

    Perhaps the "waiting" involves making an adjustment concerning what you feel about this, as the Sun does imply growth in its own fashion (as you pointed out).

    You could always do another request/reading in regards to whether this is the case.

  • Hello,

    Thanks again for your reply. I did look up the meaning of the sun and did notice that reversed it can mean immaturity, but the card I pulled was upright?

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