My birth path

  • To Hans,

    I will not jump into that lake and ruin the reflection. I completely know where your are coming from. I see it. You are a man of great wisdom and vision. You have a gift and I'm glad that you share it with me. I know that, I'll know when the time is right. Thank you Hans. Please keep in touch with me, for you may be my guiding light.

  • Hans,

    Any visions on a girl I've been talking to from Russia? I feel the connectivity. But , again I second guess myself. I have been talking to her for weeks now. Her name is Victoria and she is a pisces 30 yrs. old like me. Well, I mean I;m a Cancer and she is a Pisces but we are both 30. Alot of people think I'm crazy for doing this , but I like her even though we live a half of world away. No matter what , I feel that I'm being pushed, and I will follow through. Her b-day is March 12, 1979. I feel that she is a very emotional being . Not so many people can deal with that, but I can. I hope you get this. Please tell me what you think. Peace .......

  • Mr. wolfgang Sir Ur Effin Talented.....I Envy U Sooooo Lmao 7/17/91 I Believe I Have A Life Path Of Eight Explain Plz

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