• Hello! I need some help trying to understand this cross celtic reading, its regarding my love life specifically about someone I just met, (a cancer man). I would appreciate the help, I am not really sure what each card means in relation to my question!! Blessings to all 😃

    Position 1 (Heart of the Matter): 3 of cups

    Position 2 (Opposing Factor/Reinforcing Factor): King of Cups

    Position 3 ( What crowns me/goals): 2 of Pentacles

    Position 4 (Past influences): 3 of swords

    Position 5 (The Past/Resolved factor): The Star

    Position 6 (The immediate furure): Page of Cups

    Position 7 (You as you are/how you present yourself): Knight of Cups

    Postition 8 (Outside environment): The Moon

    Position 9: (Hopes & Fears, Key Factor): Strength

    Position 10: ([Possible Outcome): Page of Swords

  • I'm assuming all dealt upright; have added a bit of flexibility for both positive & negative implications of cards. Given the insights, I'm also assuming this is more centric to him rather than you; but if it applies, then there it is.

    It certainly appears to me after having gone through it that this "fits" the Cancerian energy.

    Therefore, read the "you" as if you were him reading this. (Unless you get the feeling that this applies to you of course)

    1: The happiness derived from cooperative harmony with others. Getting along.

    2: The potential of emotions. The lessons spirit has to teach us. You are wondering what can come of this relationship; hopeful that it will turn out to be something empowering & ideal and not something less-so. It is a challenge because you do not wish to endanger the harmony/friendship you already have; you may fear that, if it doesn't work out, you will also harm the friendship you have.

    You want to be happy & find harmony with others.

    But you're uncertain & do not wish to lose the happiness you already know.

    This uncertainty is due to past experiences regarding similar scenario(s).

    3: You're uncertain as to how you should proceed. You have a choice to make concerning what you will do; what action you will take in regards to this which you're concerned with. But the aforementioned uncertainty leaves you juggling these choices.

    4: Past emotional pain & hurt. You're uncertainty is empowered by past experiences which have not turned out well emotionally. You question things pertaining to the new potential love because of these past experiences. In some ways you are still healing from these past wounds & do not want to experience that again.

    5: Star shows us that growth is more than just physical; it's emotional; it's spiritual. But she doesn't force us to drink from her pitcher. We must take our own cups & catch her water; or dip it into the pools she fills for us. She says to us that there is always room to grow...if you're willing to give it a sincere go.

    There is hope, but it is unwise to expect immediate results. Life takes time. She pours out her spiritual gifts in a measured, patient manner. She is in no hurry to empty her pitchers. Too fast and she would only turn the ground to mud & drown the plants; would only cause the pool to overflow before it's time.

    Take your time. Don't rush it. Things will come around if you can proceed patiently; slowly.

    6: This shows favor towards this other having potential where you are concerned. Remain aware of how you feel. Take care not to be overcome, to "drown", in potential negative emotions. Again, take it slow. Move too fast & one or both could be "suffocated" in some fashion or feel anxious/panicked. It's alright to really want to be close; but not everyone moves at the same pace.

    7: An indication that you are an emotionally expressive person, either "usually" or at the time of your request which motivated seeking answers from the cards. You are expressing your emotions regarding these things (or need to). This is a good "sign" for love & romance typically. It implies that you are in love but you fear whether this love is shared by the other (Moon). Perhaps there is a lack of communication in one or both directions?

    8: Have you let this other know how you feel? Or does that idea make you somehow afraid? Have they you?

    There is an indication that there is danger here; though it is likely that past experiences have you seeing phantoms of your own making. You want a connection, but there is a fear of it, motivated by past experiences which keep you on guard. This would motivate you to withdraw somehow or not express yourself clearly/sufficiently; whether in fact or in your own perception.

    9: A hope for power/control that will assist in this situation or a fear of being subjected to the power/control of it.

    You are seeking the strength within yourself to proceed with what your heart wants &, in the same way of saying it, you fear that you will not be strong enough to proceed in an effective/productive manner.

    If this is you, lend him your strength. If this is him, let him know you appreciate his strength that supports you. (Actually, both of these are applicable either way in all relationships & in both directions.)

    10: Maintaining ones watch as if on guard against possible threats. Taken too far, this is called "hypervigilance" & can be more damaging than helpful. It's positive expression is that there is an awareness which prevents one from being harmed due to lack of such awareness. It's negative expression is paranoia & the things related thereto.

    In this case I'm leaning on a combination of both (the easy way out for me).

    The aforementioned past, whatever its nature, has made you guarded of yourself. This is okay; no one likes to be hurt.

    But if the guard isn't let down, then the good things can't come through either. Thus, the true challenge here is in overcoming this guardedness. Star says take it slow. Don't be forceful or demanding. Be open, sincere & honest. Start small & build up to it. Then, you will find in time, that you stand in the inner courtyard of the fortress as a welcome presence.

    Overall this suggests that you want this but are afraid/unsure how to proceed because of past experiences.

    You're searching for the strength to "do the right thing". But the paranoia present here is making it difficult to act. You just can't bring yourself to let your guard down.

    Star is telling you to take it slowly so that you can make the choice; to "see how it goes", perhaps in small steps that allow you to get a feel for the situation little by little. Diving in is likely too much for one or both of you. You will, in time, discover whether or not the potential of this desired relationship is the kind you wish & hope for or whether it is more akin to that which has brought you pain before. One climbs a mountain one step at a time; not in a single giant leap.

    There is certainly potential there. But you must be honest, first and foremost, with yourself. Do allow intense feelings, in and of themselves, cause you to rush things. Certainly share them if the other is receptive. But if you get the feel that you're too intense, just trickle it out little by little, because, there is a presence of timidity & sesitiveness through all of this. You don't want to endanger friendship if things don't work out. But you won't know if it will work out if you don't try. Again, just don't rush it. Some defenses take time to overcome. Gentle & sincere kindness goes a long way.

    The best relationships start out as friendships that grow stronger over time & blossom into beautiful boquets.

    (As usual, give me a virtual smack in the back of the head if I'm in error.)

  • "Do allow intense feelings, in and of themselves, cause you to rush things." "Do not"

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  • Sevastiel! Wow, thank you so much for your insight. It was vey helpful, I felt like it answered some questions I had. I think you hit it right on the nail when you mention that I have a fear of getting hurt and having this guard up to protect myself. I have gradually learned to drop it, and trust my instinct. I am happy to know there is potential here for something more than a friendship (^_^).. Thanks so much!

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