• Will I ever get married? Will I beable to bear seed, also will I beable have a healthy relationship.



  • I guess what im asking is for a love reading as well. I ask to the gifted to see if I will be in that reahlm ever again.

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  • Must not be good, lol. Thanks for atleast looking yall 🙂

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  • 🙂 THANK YOU!

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  • Well let me bring my question down. Will I encounter Love with a women in my near future ever again?

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  • Hey Serious! You give so much to other people. I hope someone can answer you. If I had the ability, I would! 🙂

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  • Very surprised no one has jumped on this .... Don't take it to mean somethings wrong, please. Continue to put yourself in situations to meet people. Find something you like to do or learn and focus on that. A happy engaged person attracts others.

    Was just going to give this another kick up. Didn't want to leave you hanging. I'm here to chat sometime if you'd like.

  • Alright Serious7, If you don't mind, I pulled some cards for you. I have been practising with tarot for about 8 years but really consider myself to be a total amateaur.....lacking in confidence BIG time to actually try this for someone other than my very tolerant friends. SO...with that in mind... I can go ahead and try to tell you what I see. Ok? Here goes...

    You are very intent on finding love and you have a lot to give. You are a very romantic and generous soul. Your challenge is to relax though and be at peace with this quest and not worry too much about it. Kind of hard to do, I know! Is there a previous partner who you are trying to forget? It looks as though someone still has a hold on your heart but it is time to be free of their hold. Once you are able to let go, love WILL find you. It sounds so trite but true that this love will find you when you least expect it. It will literally come out of nowhere and it will happen very quickly. You will meet this person and it will be very powerful for both of you. It looks like this will happen quite soon...but have to relax a little about the whole thing. Letting go and being receptive to new love. Receptive is the key. This is not something to force. Let go of the sand in your hand and instead of it all squishing out from a tight fist, the sand will settle in your palm. That is the image I get to tell you to let it happen. Nothing you can force. Ok.....I know I'm being really repetitive here but once you let go a little...the love will happen and it will be a major one. Likely a soul mate connection and you both will feel it. You may be feeling upset at a past hurt or injustice that has been done to you... You are letting this go though and are ready to have some fun and be playful again. Accept any invitation to go out, parties, being with friends. This is how you will meet your new love. Letting go and being open for any social invitation that comes your way. Others need to see you as being receptive and not still bound to the past before they will be able to push love into your path. It looks like this romance will be instigated by friends. Either through a set-up or a chance meeting through a social event. There is one card that seems unrelated to the rest. This card has to do with finance and being financially secure. I'm a little at a loss as how to interpret this. It shows financal security playing a big role though. Perhaps your new partner will have a lot of money? Or, money and security will be important for them. OK, the more I meditate on this card in relation to the others, how I see it is that the two of you will pool you resources to start a new life together. A new life on a finacially, secure ground on which you can start thinking about raising family

    Ok, Serious7. I'm really nervous about posting this because i don't consider myself to be gifted at this sort of thing. Your post just called out to me though and I have seen how much you help others and I really wanted to try and return that to you. If you have any feedback for me...even if it is to tell me that I'm way off the mark, I have no business even trying this and to never attempt a reading again...I would be grateful. 🙂 I do want to say though that you had some really strong cards popping up to indicate that you'll find love and A lot of major arcanas there. None of the namby pampy cards if you know what I mean. ALSO, I AM NOT SUGAR COATING THIS AT ALL. I put that in caps because I would never want someone to lie to me just to make me happy. I would be honest if I saw that there was nothing coming your way for awhile but what I saw is a great big YES! You'll find love soon.

    Ok, if you can give me feedback or if anyone else with more experience wants to reply that would be great. Hope you are having a lovely day and that all you give to others is returned to you Serious7! x

  • Thank you laie, im sure we will chat sometime! I appreciate it.


    I want to express my full and utter gratitude to you. It means so much to me, my heart is actually skipping a beat or two. Im starting to actually transition back into this, and I have faith that your reading is very acurate. And you are very good. NO BS. 🙂

    Im tired and its been a random awsome day so reading this has just capped it off entirely to make it amazing. thank you


  • Love yourself and everything else will sort itself out

  • Ty pisces

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  • Im 22. Thanks quen, I appreciate the advice!

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