Need help on knowing aura and if boyfriend and I are meant to be.

  • Can anybody look at our pictures to see our auras and see if they're good. Also I'd like to know if were meant to be together. He feels very strongly about it and (and sites like it) with "love compatibility" tests have said that we are great together, but I just want to find something more in depth with all variants taken such as auras into account. There are not any good readers or anything like that near where we live. He is very open spiritually and says he feels that we are VERY strong together, the strongest he has ever personally felt. I just want to make sure because, honestly, I can't help but think he could be a bit biased as, like I've implied, he's pretty in love with me. I love him as well... just to add that... lol, so don't think this is just to decide whether I should be with him, I just feel like I need to make sure we are meant to be. Thank you so much if you can help, it means a lot to us!!!!! Best wishes to all!!!

    My info: Sarah His info: Jeff

    Birthday: 8/31/85 Birthday: 5/3/86

    Birth time: 11:40pm Birth time: 7:25pm

    Birthplace: Ashland, Oregon, USA Birth place: Moses Lake, Washington, USA

    Attached is a photo of us together

  • ok i guess that didn't work, let me find one that will lol

  • Ok, heres the pic, lol!

  • oh yea if you need more info about us to get a better understanding. Much love from our (hopefully!) soon to be family!

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