C with caron and acute

  • Hello,

    Does anyone know about calculating foreign or special characters in name and their real values?

    My born last name contains both C, one with caron and one with acute.

    If i try numerology reading with both C described above as my last name really appears, it result a bit different then if i use normal C.

    Does anyone know if "Decoz" software can calculate those letters and how? I need to know simply because i want to make reading but i am unsure about accuracy...

    Or you recommend to talk with some numerologist one on one about this issue although most readings are computer generated and i can not find someone who is willing to analyze it manual way?

    Attached image shows how does my birth name appear.

    I would appreciate any answer regarding this topic.

    Thank you in advance,


  • Uhura,

    Does the character above the " C " change the letter to something else like another letter? I know some of other languages and in some a letter may be used to actually represent other letters. Thereby, making it simpler & easier to write. If the characters actually change the "c" then I would use the other letters.

    If the characters just change the pronunciation ( which is what it seems to be ) then I would recommend using "c" and the corresponding number.

    Hope this helps.

  • Laie4,

    My name is written in Serbian language in which there all of these characters are different letters.

    When you vocalize those letters they sound different.

    As such, they are able to change the meaning of the word that they build.

    Of course, the pronunciation for all of these is different.

    Let me show you link: it is about alphabets we use

    one of them is cyrilic and what we need here is latin alphabet.

    Take a look below you can see their order one after another "Latin order (called Abeceda)

    A B C Č Ć .....and so on...


    Thank you for your reply and if you have any suggestion or you find something, which can solve this, comment it.

  • Hi Uhura,

    I was going to read and reply tomorrow but as always in researching something I got a little carried away. I looked into the site you provided and more and enjoyed the lesson. SO, Thank you!

    Most of what I learned I knew from language exposure. As with any language these "symbols " above, below, etc. change the sound/vocalization/pronunciation. This we both already knew, yes? So as I understand your point, you would like each " C " in your name to carry the numerical value of its sound.

    I went a little further and looked into synchronic digraphia and found this, " It is not always easily achieved writing an entire text in three different versions, one in each script. In Serbian this is always possible." This is just a little piece but again it seems to point to " C " as it sounds.

    ( Please excuse this repetition, I don't have a foreign keyboard at my disposal)

    Lastly, I did find this quote, " Write as you speak and read as it is written". Again, seems to say the same thing as above paragraphs.

    English being an odd language, : > ) has many letters or letter combinations that change pronunciation and meaning without glyphs. Simplistic version --- Numerology Does Not Account for the actual Meaning of a letter. I know you are looking for a way to put your name AS it Is Written but you may have to break it down into its vocalized alphabet and write it out first. Then, put this into a numerology program. I'm guessing this is Not what you want to do ... : )

    Sounds carry vibrational energy ... have you delved into Chaladean or Vedic??

    Thanks for asking the question ...Good Luck!

  • Hi again Uhura!

    I got really tired, wasn't thinking clearly, and headed off to bed last night after researching & writing. I found this a few moments ago :

    " Transcriptions of letters in shown numerological calculations correspond to letters of the English alphabet but numerical values and pronunciations correspond to letters of the Aramaic alphabet and the Latin alphabet."

    Accordingly, there seems to not be an issue. Maybe you could do it yourself or write to someone at the below site?

    Here is the site: www.numeralgame.64g.ru/num/num9en.htm

    in case its removed: numeralgame dot 64g dot ru backslash num backslash num9en dot htm

  • I am glad you learned something interesting, who knows when you will need it. 🙂

    Also i am sending you big thanks because you gave me good tip about "Chaladean" as it does not require birth name, which is good since my current name does not contain letters described above. (I kept my ex husband last name). 🙂

    It is not some special wish to calculate my birth name exactly as it appears with those letters just i was thinking about accurate results (i am not so fussy about matter, indeed).

    Never tried "Vedic" or "Chaladean" but i tried something else which proves sound does not carry vibration energy only, actually there is color expressed in numbers of oscillations (frequency in billions of Hertz). It was long time ago and i checked it with enthusiasm and there is some unique light formula value for any letter in normal and final position (depends on where is letter placed in word).

    Pretty interesting since you can analyze some words or names known or less known in any language and you will get same results. Actually you will get same quality and vibrating light energy so same color formula.

    Does not matter if you write word "Earth" or "Sea" using particular language or you translate and analyze it for example to some other language. It simply works and there is sort of question for me about origin of words in our quite different languages.

    if you know quality of colors in addition you can easily analyze some name and give them some particular quality and compare with already known personality characteristic.

    There is order in this sort of math.

    There is a book with described light principle formula written around 1995. but i could not find translation to the English language.

    I will not go further in details since it requires some sensitive known names (purpose using known names equal to...you can easy identification and comparison with known personalities characteristics) for an example to show you how does it function. Must be something over the web related to "light formula"...

    Not sure about my eagerness to break it down into its vocalized alphabet . Hm. :))

    However i am going to check this link you gave to me.

  • Uhura,

    Glad I helped you in some small way.

    This is very exciting! Color absolutely carries (electromagnetic waves) as you stated and math does show order and ... chaos ! I will search and see if I can come up with what you've mentioned.

    This is wonderful, I hope I can find something !!

    Yes, I wouldn't want to alphabetically vocalize mine either. : (

    Peace & Joy to you!

  • Well I hope Mr. Decoz put in consideration this question we discussed above. 🙂

    Aside of topic i found this place friendly and calming.

    At least no one can say i am going nuts.

    Stay cool there,


    If I find English publication of this book i will post it, still searching for.

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