Please Help? I'm Taurean but act like Libra?

  • Hey I'm new to astrology but find it way interesting. My sun sign is Taurus, moon Cancer, rising Leo, Mercury Gemini, Venus Cancer, and Mars Virgo. I learned each of these signs has some to do with your personality, but the sun sign should is the dominant one for sure (I think).

    However, when comparing Taurus to my personality, nothing really matches. Taureans are known to be peaceful yet determined to meet their goals no matter what. I'm peaceful but get distracted very easily and lose focus when making hard decisions. Sometimes I procrastinate and think for hours of what to do. I'm always tryin' to get people to like me but neglect my own feelings before others. I live for the fall and spring seasons, and my favorite color is blue. Many friends say I'm outgoing, flirty, and smile/laugh almost all the time. As far as diet, I have a sugar problem and get really hyper. I heard Librans have many of these traits, but that's not one of my signs. Just curious, thanks for helpin' out 🙂

  • okay, here a short clarification:

    Your very being is Taurus, but you think of yourself as Cancer, that is your ego, a very complicated and moody cancer-ego, and others see you as a Lion, because your rising sign is your image how others see you.

    But with the experience of eternity bliss arises, fear disappears; love arises, hate disappears; light arises, darkness disappears!

    Just wait.

  • hahaha I do have an emo side so I do have a lot of Cancer in me, but on a good note, much of that emo is positive feelings too. I'm really in touch with all my feelings lol, aww thanks. But I must be the silliest guy in the world. I miscalculated my rising sign. It's not Leo but Libra lol that's where it comes from 😄 Thanks hanswolfgang, your reply did help 🙂

  • Everything is only a perhaps, because everything is relative. Nothing can be said absolutely, certainly, categorically. It depends, and one thing can be seen from many standpoints.

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