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  • I have written a couple of times now, but have not been quite honest. My husband did die a little over two years ago and I am in quite a mess with my finances, may loose my house and all. I do have a feeling that my husband has a message for me and I can't quite understand what it is, but, I also fear that there is something else that comes to my bedside at night. Sometimes it get really cold by the bed and I feel that something is bending over my bed or sometimes just bending down looking at me when my eyes are closed. I do not believe it is my husband because I have a picture in my mind, for some reason, what it might look like, for some reason it causes a lot of fear in me. My son lives with me so I know it's not just the fear of living alone, it never really bothered me anyway. I wanted a reading to see if anyone could pick up on what is going on. I don't think I've gone wacko, or have I? I haven't mentioned this to anyone else. I say my prayers every night. God Bless and Thank-anyone who wants to tell me whats going on.

  • You have not gone wacko.

    What is going on: A sudden and unexpected change is coming to you, and there are certain foresigns, that you are sensing.

    Your husband has a message for you: There is someone, who owed still some money to him, and he should pay back now this money to you.

    Innocence is your very nature. You do not have to become it, you are already it. You are born innocent. Then layers and layers of conditioning are imposed upon your innocence. Your innocence is like a mirror and conditioning is like layers of dust. The mirror has not to be achieved, the mirror is already there -- or rather, here. The mirror is not lost, it is only hidden behind the layers of dust.

    But diplomacy has entered into our blood. When you didn´t love your man and pretended that you loved him, it was diplomacy. When without love you hug your child, just because it has to be done, because Dale Carnegie says: How to win friends and influence people,... it is diplomacy.

  • OMG, thank-you so very much. At least I know I am not crazy. I have no idea who owed my husband money, or even how to find out, so with him being gone, I suppose I will never know and I really do need it. This thing that is hanging around me, is it a good thing or bad thing? I do sense something is going to happen, but I just don't know what it will be yet. It seems that it might not be good, but then I try to "keep the faith" so to speak. You are so wonderful to have even taken your time, at least now I know I am not really alone.

    May God bless you and Than-You.

  • This thing that is hanging around you, is a bad thing,

    What will happen, what will it be? You could be hurt.

    That’s the whole message of ecology: we are together. You breathe out, the tree breathes in; the tree breathes out, you breathe in. The tree purifies you through oxygen, you nourish the tree through carbon dioxide.

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