My past life,, can some one tell me how many???

  • i would like to know if i had a past life and how many and may be what i was in my past life.

  • i feel like their is something wrong with me or there is something missing, and i just can't get a grasp on it. can someone give me some advise or something??? thanx a bunch.

  • katara912

    pls, do not take this harshly, it isn't meant that way, k?

    know there is nothing wrong with you, period. not everyone is meant to remember and if you are it will come. it will come when u are ready for it. that could mean tomorrow or in another life, if u so believe.

    stay open to possibilities with heart & mind. reaching & grasping will not bring u answers .... let go .... open hand.

    do not think something is missing. nothing, absolutely nothing is ever lost.

    Move with the wind.

  • thanx laie4, it means a lot to me. i really don't take things personally especially if someone is just trying to help. but do you think you can tell me anything about my past life?? or anyone for that matter? i just think that that would be so cool. i am one who deffinently goes with the wind, i just wish i knew what to do with the wind when it comes my way. lol, anyways thanx again. peace love and harmony

  • : ) if something is shown to me i will. may your good wishes return to you.

  • This post is deleted!

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