Crazy Dream

  • Hi I am new here but was wondering what this dream I had last night could mean, it is freaking me out!

    I work up from a dream where I was struck in the top of the head by lightning not once but twice. I remember the felling like i was being electrified while I was sleeping. I am really wondering what this could mean.

  • Alone of its own accord; sudden revelations/insights which will "energize" or shock you; i.e., that you will find motivating or shocking. What, in particular, it applies to...likely whatever came before that part of your dream.

    Consider something you have recently been "chewing over" or contemplating heavily; some issue you've been trying to "get a handle on"; something significant which has been on your mind recently.

  • I had a dream recently that started with what I thought was an attack & have read was REM where I seen my father who has just passed a few months ago I answered the door of his house to him he had short & neat white hair that I immediately inquired about that startled him & received a reply that did not make sense at the time till I just read wiki just now Leukemia (British/Canadian English: leukaemia) (Greek leukos λευκός, "white"; aima αίμα, "blood") he died in his sleep of cancer that he'd been fighting for several years, that part of the dream ended there or I can't recall the rest of it or it may have just jumped to the rest of the dream I had that night I remember being in a hall & at a table was his wife serving porridge with banana to her daughters I shouted across the hall to his wife "so have you got my dads money yet?" I feel she was always after what she could get from him & found her to be fake but my father did love her so I must forgive & forgo & I'll state at this point I'm not materialistic & really don't care to much for money I feel I can make plenty of my own money when I apply myself I just don't like dishonest people working schemes like that maybe I'm wrong in what I think of the situation but there was allot I read from her to make me think of her like this I truly think she was always interested in what she could get from him anyway the dream jumped or I cant recall then I was at a place out side with 2-3 meter raised portacabins I was aware of people & children in the area but felt I was alone the dream ended there, I've looked a bit into white hair dream symbolism & discovered Methuselah & that is symbolises wisdom if anyone can give me any further insight it would be much appreciated! cheers

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