Interesting observation...

  • I was watching a very bad movie last night but it did have one interesting observation from the two male cops who were undercover as women. They were at a slumber party and one of the real girls there was bemoaing the state of her love life. "I do everything for the man I love So why does he stay with his wife but keep calling me up and telling me he loves me all the time?" The two guys exchanged a knowing look and together they smiled and said "Booty call!"

    So take heed all those people involved with otherwise engaged lovers. You may just be seen as sex or ego gratification, especially if you have been strung on for a long time...wake up and move on with your lives!

  • I did on New Year's Day. We have known each other for the 6 years, we've been dancing around our feelings for each other for the past 2 years. The last year it turned more serious. I chose to divorce, because there was nothing left in my marriage. He chose to stay in his for a sake of a child. He would never commit to me and I thought I could handle being the other woman. But I can't.... I love him, but I had to put myself first and my needs. Its not easy, but I know its the wise choice to make. He was my stepping stone in life and I need to move on.

  • arieskaren,

    I just felt like I had to response to your post. One reason, I am also an aries girl! 🙂 Another reason, I too have been involved in an extramartial affair for about 9 mo. I also thought I could handle it but am finding out that I definitely cannot! I am right now trying to brave up enough courage to move on. It's one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I also know it's the wise choice. We are both married and he will not leave his family either. As for my marriage, haven't decided what to do yet. I guess I have to sever this relationship first, take some time and then decide what to do with my marriage. 😞

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