To everyone!

  • I hope god bless's you with a beautiful and amazing day! This year will be something greater than weve ever expected and I feel that this place has been something wonderous for everyone. Its giving more hope than i could ever imagine and pray for. All of you are something greater than you know, and the advice you give is absolutly heartfelt. I havent been around for very long, but the time spent on here has helped my life in more ways than you could ever imagine.


  • I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! 🙂 I also have high hopes for 2010. Going through a bit of a rough spot myself but I know as long as we all support each other, things can only go up! It's refreshing to know there are others out there who are going through the same struggles and discoveries! It's a nice reminder that we're never alone. We can create our own heaven, our bliss, as long as we have the will to continue to seek

    Waiting eagerly for that door to open ~ may we walk through it together this year

    Keep us updated Serious! You are capable of miracles! 🙂

  • I love happy vibes! Happy New Year and God bless you as well. I feel this year to be a turning point as well for many of us, after so much "house cleaning". The change is good.

  • I too send you and everyone here the very brightest blessings, lots of light, and every joy possible. I have felt that this new year will be better and happier for all. Sending such positive energy out will surely reinforce all our energy to that end.

    What a lovely thought and thread:)

  • Hey serious sounds like you just about have your head back on straight. Sometimes when your trying what you feel is your utmost hardest your efforts aren't as appreciated as we hope. So don't let all of the help that you give be in vain. Keep it up at least you can sleep at night knowing in your heart you have had the best that you know how to offer others. If its not accepted for that It's not your fault because you did try. Don't look back yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't here yet, live for today.

  • Im getting it there :). meditation is helping!

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