Numbers in Dreams ..what does it mean ?

  • I had strange dream the other night in which I referred to a person as a number 3 and another person was saying I was a number 1. I could only actually see the number 1 in the dreams , but was only saying the number 3 . What does this mean ?


  • I have dreams with numbers and letters quite frequently. What usually helps me is to reference them with my current numerology chart.

    If the theme of the dream was "opportunity" I would look to my Pinnacles ad Challenges.

    It the theme was related specifically to me emotionally or psychologically I would look to my core numbers (Life, Personality, Destiny, Soul, etc) to see if there was any significance.

    And if there looked to be some commonalities between my chart and my dreams I wold meditate on the number in the morning for clarifications sake. If nothing else it helps me to approach challenges and concerns [about my dreams] using the numbers. And if you learn to leverage the energy of the numbers you'll definitely get some deeper understanding.

  • Thank you very much TheLearningtaurus , I very much appreciate your reply . I really didn't think I was going to get any replies to my question . I will look into the info you have told me about . Thank you again !

    Take Care and God Bless


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