Nasty divorce I need help as soon as possible

  • Hello,

    I desperately need help!

    I spoke to a psychic from Calif. psychics almost two years ago, asking advise about my marriage she was amazingly intuitive, she advised me the house was not worth fighting for...Roger is surrounded by too much negativity and I would love to reach out too her but.. I dont have money to pay for a reading. I desperately need help...I tried to get out of this marriage on good terms..He interfered in me getting jobs and controlled every penny I put my retainer on a credit card so he has chosen to make things as hard as possible ...out of retaliation. The attorney I hired has not done his job and followed through on any thing ( early court date, to get an order to make roger leave or any thing he was supposed to do...I need to know i this is fate telling me not to fight or should get another attorney?

    we have a thirteen year old son who he is asking for shared custody with (so he does not have to pay as much child support) I do NOT want too..the only way I will be able to prevent it is if I request a drug test and it comes out positive...I have been afraid to do that! I am at the crossroad that I have too! Has he been using alcohol or drugs that will show up on a hair follicle test?

    when I talked to him about getting a divorce Brad was adamant about living with me and having visitation with Rog every other week end... and since roger was served he has become "mr. dad " which I know wont last but Roger convinced him to have shared visitation...Is he agreeing because he did not want to hurt his dads feelings or did he truly change his mind? Or was he cornered by rog? I was asking continuously through out last year if he was absolutely sure that he wanted to be with me and over night it changed when I found out Bradley got very upset with me, and would not talk about it. He just responded... What is the big deal??

    I have sooo many other questions about where to go if I dont fight for the house.

    God Bless you all so very much!


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