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  • Hi, im Charisma coz i think i have lots of carisma : ) i am a virgo born in the year of rabbit and with a ruling planet mercury.. i found myself a lovable person, sincere and self sacrificing.. i just wonder why i find it hard to found my souldmate? am i destined to be alone??? Since ive been separated last 2002 Astrology as been my constant guidance and companion when im down. And i am so amaze that the reading are really happening. I even share it with my friends and encourage them to have their own reading. Even the unbeliever was amazed.

  • hallo, i'm Angelica.

  • well my Brittany.i am a gemini.ive always love astrology,past lives,and all that since i wuz very little. i dont know a whole lot about the planets and how they make you feel really.i also need to learn more about the other signs,i know all their is to know about mine though.

  • Hi everyone. I'm Stephanie or just call me Airavine or Air.

    I was born June 22, 1993 2:39AM in San Diego, California.

    My Sun sign is Cancer, my Moon sign is Leo, and my Rising sign is Taurus.

    I love the color orange and I am kind of like my Sun sign, but a mixed with a little more spontaneity and a little more extroverted. Most of my friends are around Virgos, Pisces, and Scorpios and sometimes Geminis and Aquariuses. I like looking at information about all signs and planets. I don't fully understand houses, but I'm sure I will some day. I hope to chat with a lot of people here =]

  • Thank you for the kind welcome! I have always been very interested in astrology, although I am a newbie. What brought me here was when I was reading what The Captain had to tell everyone about "What they wanted". I am interested to know what The Captain could tell me.

  • am sagittarius, moon sign is taurus, rising sun is taurus i ve always felt as if god has something special for me but lately i am affraid unsure, need help

  • I am a Cancer or what I call the poster child for Cancer of the Zodiac Wheel. I am new to this and am currently taking a course on Astrology and Birth Charts. I have been doing birth charts for family and friends for about a year now and wanted to get some more indepth information. Call me Amber as it is my favorite crystal/tree resin 🙂 I am new to forums, had to have my husband assist me with setting this up:-) I will be interested on your thoughts about astrology and the zodiac. I prefer the Western version of astrology.

  • Guess I'll intro. Im Alice and my Sun is in Leo, with my moon in Pisces. I tend to be highly emontional and I try to hide it constantly. my Ascendant is in Libra.

    I do know some astrology. I can work a chart to a certian extent and have been a member of for years. I enjoy the daily horoscope emails and articles they have.

  • Greetings, everyone! I'm a Leo sun with Cancer ascendant and Sag moon...I'm very passionate thanks to the Leo sun, and very emotional of course with the Cancer rising, and emotions are fleeting and constantly changing with the Sag moon...I find myself very in tune with lunar influences like most Cancers, and have a strong sense of home and family with the sun/ascendant combo. I mostly follow what's going on in the sky as it applies to me and my family based on all of our charts. I find my basic knowledge of astrology does help day to day, just checking my ephemeris to know what kind of planetary influences I'll be dealing with. I hope to learn from those of you who are much more experienced than I! I've been a member of for years, and finally decided to check out the forums.

  • 2;daniel09 ?

    hey i would like to know how compatible i`am w/my boyfriend(just for the fun of it)..

    hes a capricorn..and though hes a capri i dont necessarily believe in what they say about leos hooking up with capricorn`s and vise versa..

    well just let me know some..hugs,

  • Hello everyone, I am an 38 years-old community health nurse currently living in Montreal Canada. I am a self taught astrologer and like tarot, numerology , metaphysics, alternative and crystal healing . My sun sign is Scorpio, moon sign is Aquarius and my rising sign is Gemini. I am married to my true soulmate husband who is a sun sign Cancer , moon sign Aries and rising sign Capricorn. If someone need a reading then they can contact me.

  • Hi there xilovex, believe me, what they say about relationship compatibility is true: capricorn who is a earth sign doesent mix with leo who is a fire sign. Earth irritates fire

  • Hello to all, I am a capricorn true too my heart (01/16/1957). I am new to this site and have enjoyed reading all the comments. In my situation as a true cap Im not money driven but I like to always have it (but dont), but for some reason God alway supply my needs alway and I am thankful, but it has not alway been that way by being a single parent of 3 boys it was hard, but I over came and now own my owe home and have the best job now after a few bad ones. I have three (3) sons 1 is a capricorn, 1 is a scorpio and 1 is a virgo and a sister who is capricorn, now me and the capricorns in my life we always bump heads and my virgo is so into other things like himself but my scorpio is my rock, but he is too into telling me (because I got sick and he was the one who was there when the other 2 had other things to do) with to do and not doing what I tell him to do until he gets ready to do it, that is the difference between my boys.

    I am honest, friendly (can get along with whoever can get along with me). I find that people who are the center of attention don't like me when I come around because then I become the center of attention so they seem to be stand offish and stand by watching me until they know what I am about and that is fine because I am watching them also. Now if they are not my cup of tea and I dont seem to be theirs it is a done deal. For me things has to be in order or it throws me off balance and I like to be in control, that is why I don't drink anymore or put myself in a situation where I am not in control. And for dating I am not good at it, I think there is not a good man out there for me because I have not found him. I thank I scare them away by being a independent woman who have worked all her life and got her own, they don't take that very well so I have not dated for atleast 6 years and it gets lonely but I am not alone. Being a capricorn and listening to LUNACBELLE we are true Caps. Hi thanks for listening to me. Someone please reply and tell me what you think.;-)

  • Hi everyone! I'm Stephanie and use the name Stefin here. I'm a Virgo/Pisces/Gemini and talk about opposites! LOL

    I've been into Astrology since 1968 and I Ching since 1969 when I became a vegetarian too.

    I concentrated on Astrology more for the 'behavioral psychology' of it, to help people as well as myself understand what makes people tick or why they do the things they do. I don't do charts but it's cool, they're all over the internet if you need to see yours.

    I was always very quiet when I was young and usually thought of that way by my co-workers then KABLAM all of a sudden things changed and my Gemini rising came alive!

    I enjoy communicating with people and sharing insight, so look for me.

    I'm glad to be here and reading what you say. Also for anyone who is aware- I am an 11, the spiritual messenger and my married name turned that to a 22. There's a whole movement going on about the 11 right now. So see you around the board.

  • Hello Everyone.

    I am very new to this site as well as to Astrology. I am 50 years old, recently divorced and just working to rebuild my life. I was born in 1959, on November 14th. My exact time of birth is unknown, I just know it was in the morning hours.

    I have just moved to Santa Cruz, CA,started college and now am completely lost as to which direction to go. Some days I feel as if something amazing is going to happen to me soon but am unsure of the doors I have before me. I follow my heart a lot, and am wondering is this my mistake?


  • Hello and thank you for your warm welcome. My sun sign is chart -moon in Virgo with rising Sagittarius. I don't know why but i love to observe and understand people. This is why Astrology interests me. I think it is a science of vibrations and their interpretation. Love to get lost in it and find in it!!

  • born 1955, april 3 11am moon virgo, ascendent cancer. read a comment about living at mountains and how it felt i ,believe that is the freedom i seek, looking at the stars the clouds. nature is not to harm but to understand and learn! helping people, hardworking responsible looking for an stable and lucrative job. doing the best of you learning how to cook pastry, main courses etc, not very sociable but agreeable

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  • Very cool! How do you get to be an employee of

  • Admin:

    My name is Mariangeles, and I'm pretty new here. I've been mostly on the Tarot forum until now, although I have also posted on this forum, in the topic "Who here is a cusp?"

    Since I don't see any "Contact Us" link on the home page, I'd like to ask you about my sign. I still don't know exactly what sign I am. I've noticed that, when I log in, I get a horoscope reading for Pisces. However, when I went to my Cosmic Profile for the first time, I saw my sun sign listed as Aquarius. So does this mean that I'm on the cusp? Why don't I have the same sign on my horoscope page and the Cosmic Profile page?

    I do believe I have personality characteristics of both signs, but I'd still like to know for sure if I'm a cusp.

    I hope you can clear this up for me.. Thanks!

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