New Member Welcome!

  • Oooooooo! You WORK for TAROT.COM? That sounds like a DREAM JOB? Can you share more about how your life journey got you to that point? Inquiring Gemini wants to know! LOL

  • Hello forum ~

    Thanks for the welcome. Interesting information here!

    Astrology is fasciniating, and I agree with many of you who state that the more you learn, the less you know!

    I am on the Libra/Scorpio cusp, Scorpio Rising, a Leo Moon. A water tiger, and in vedic astrology, Chitra nakshatra, the pearl.

    I look forward to sharing and learning with you all!


  • Hi, I am new to the forum and have just gobbled up all the posts!! How interesting. I have limited knowledge about Astrology but would love to become more knowledgeable. 🙂 I am an Aquarius. My birthday is 2/14/1957 and I was born @ 10:21pm and I was born in Missouri. I think that is central time??? I think.

    any vibes? I have a strong urge to find a new job where I can help people. I would like to relocate to a warmer climate...(don't we all) but currently live in the northern part of the mid-west. burr...cold, snowy winters.

    thank you to anyone who can tell me more about me. 😉

  • Also an Aquarian with a Sun/Jupiter conjunction, , Taurus moon, Sagittarian Ascendant and Chiron sitting in my first house. Live near Cambridge in the UK and am interested also in numerology and tarot. Someone has already mentioned the Astrodienst site which is wonderful resource for the charts of the famoous ...and infamous!

  • I am a new member of this forum, but also very interested in this kind of thing to the horoscopes, I think that astrology has some scientific justification and basis.

  • My name is Rikku and I am 2/26/1970 Pisces-sun Scorpio- moon and Taurus- rising just joined the forums today looking for some friendship or connections to those with similar interests. Was wondering on some thoughts to the fact that my moon is in Scorpio and my mother is a Scorpio (we have a terrible relationship unfortunately) and my Taurus ascendant matches my son who is a 5/4/00 Taurus-sun. My son was born (at home naturally of course) on a day (just under 3 weeks early) where there was a planetary alignment. Went into labor at 5:30pm he was born at 8:22pm in Lake Worth FL. Does anyone have any insight into this day/time of the alignment when I ran his chart he has so much Taurus all over it, it's crazy lol. He certainly has the, how shall I say this, .....tenacity when he makes up his mind and plants those hooves. Was May 4, 2000 a somewhat special day?

  • HI!

    I'm new here also.

    I laughed when you said there's always more to learn; one thing I learned for sure: how much I didn't know!

    I'm a triple fire! Dec 13; Leo rising (0*) and Moon is Aries.

    Only thing that quiets me down and keeps me from bouncing off the wall is pluto sitting on my acs at 29* of cancer (just gave my age away) I have many beautiful Vergo and Taurus friends so feel for sure I'd like you to be my friend.

    Can we share some insights?


  • Hi, I am a triple Capricorn (01/16/1957) from what I remember and my sun sign is Cap, moon in Leo, and rising sign in Aquiarius....

    Just wondering what is in store for me within the next couple of months

  • Hi I'm a capricorn,the goat 12/26/72 and that all I know but I been drawn 2 no more about astrology. Can anyone tell me how what steps I take to learn more about astrology

  • Hiii. I guess you can call me MissChaos on here.

    I'm 19.

    I'm a Pisces.

    My moon sign is a Leo.

    My rising sign is a Sagittarius.

    I'm on here to learn more about astrology and the like!

  • Hi All,

    Ive been interested in Astrology my whole life.

    My mom had my chart read when I was very young, and has always been into it herself.

    I am a total cancer, my sun and moon are in cancer and my rising is Leo.

    I guess Im just looking for something to help me understand a bit more of myself, and why I am the way I am. And also what sign I would be most compatible with as a partner.

    Love's been a long hard road and anything's got to help at this point, right?!

  • Hi!

    Damaskrose at your service. I'm a Sag with Gemini rising,and a Scorpio moon.I've studied

    Astrology (on/off) since I was 14/15. My Bday is 12-16-1949 at 4:14 PM. I'm very disappointed with the Attempted demotion of Pluto as a planet. Until the real Pluto is discovered or we send out a probe to study Pluto in depth,and acknowlege that it truely isn't a planet,but a riod or toid.I will keep using it as the Ruler of Scorpio. By the way I'm also born in the year of the OX. Yes I'm VERY stubborn! In case you can't tell. You'll find me in the Sag room!

  • Allo all!

    I've been following astrology since a teenager, probably for the typical reasons - we all seek guidance in life and love. Sometimes plain old advice from friends and family doesn't cut it!

    I'm Sun and Moon in Libra, Pisces Rising, Venus in Scorpio, 10/18/1979 4:36 pm, Vallejo, California, USA.

    I'm a typical Libra, but I get less analytical and more emotional due to the Pisces bit, and love fairly intensely/darkly due to the Scorpio bit. I love to analyze and write/talk/sing/act, flirt and socialize, but can also get intense/broody and lock myself away like a hermit. I'm sensitive to others' emotions and can get drained by people very easily.

    Happy to be here and meet you all - you'll find me in the Libra threads!

  • Hi everyone, my name is Pamela and I just joined the forum about a few weeks ago! I've been interested in astrology since I was about ten years old. I was born in Melbourne, Australia and currently lives in Malaysia.

    I'm Cancer with Virgo moon and Pisces rising. As a Cancerian, I'm a sensitive and emotional person!

    So, I would like to know more about astrology and please to meet you all!

  • Hi I'm Geanner19, I'm here to learn more about astrology and torot. I would like to share readings with people. If any one would like to share with me, please feel welcome.



  • Hi everyone,

    I am a new comer and I think this is a great idea! I love to talk astrology and don't get an opportunity to daily as I would like. People who know me, know I like astrology they may not realize I love it.

    I am a sun in Virgo, moon in Libra, and Ascendant in Scorpio. I have a Leo Midheaven with Venus conjunct it (my only aspect to Venus), this gives me my artistic flair. Mars and Pluto are in the 10th as well and they conjunct each other. Power huh, maybe but I am very laid back and don't seek much power but it finds me.

    I have been interested in astrology since the late 1960's. I enjoy reading about it, going to conferences, doing charts of people I know, and constantly getting to know myself!

    Hope this holiday season finds you well, and hope to hear from someone.

  • Hi there double Libra,

    I have the moon at 0'48 minutes of Libra. I always want to be polite to people, that does balance out the coldness of my Virgo sun. I have a Scorpio rising so I guess there is a bit of a sting in my personality; I don't see it but I know others do.

  • Hi Pamela,

    I just joined also, glad to meet you. I enjoy talking astrology so I hope to have some stimulating conversation about it on this forum. I don't read every one's post but I read as many as I can. I am a Virgo with Scorpio rising and Libra moon. The thing I feel stands out most in my chart is I only have one aspect to Venus; it conjuncts my Leo Midheaven.

    Some other interesting things about my chart is I have no oppositions or retrograde planets, so what you see is what you get!

  • Hey There!! I am new here, but I have read tarot cards off and on for a few years now, that originally started about 15 years ago soon after my divorce and I needed guidance. Between that and the grace of God I was able to make it this far, supporting my kids until they were gone and busy with their own lives. But right now I need a bolster in the self-esteem department if someone would help me please. I was born Feb. 3, 1957 in Germany, now live in Canada. I am divorced, out of a job, living in my friends basement apartment, and moved here about 8 months ago from the town that I was living in, in hopes of finding a job, no luck so far. And I'm running out of money. I don't even have a boyfriend. And to top all of that off, my parents and I have stopped speaking because of something that happened this past summer. Are things going to get better for me? Can you turn me into the right direction? anyone?

  • Hi, thank you for excepting me. I am a taurus thats learning to become flexible. My sun sign is taurus, the rising sign is leo, and the moon sign is libra i assume. I may need alittle help with that. Ive read astrology since i was about 12 years old, i enjoy reading it this is my first time ever going online to discuss about astrology. I`m sure i will enjoy this. My bd is may 3 1966 @ 1:45pm thank you peace!

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