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  • Hello All --

    I'm am Synthia Rose -- a Scorpio. I love astrology and came her to connect with other Scorpios. I also love Leos and Aquas. I have a Sagittarius stellium and no Earth planets. So, my life can spin out of control if I don't find ways to ground myself. I have a ScorpioLand blog on Ning. U Guys are welcome to stop buy. For now, I settle down around here in the all things Scorpio room.

    Lots of great info here! Thanx.

  • Hello all-

    I'm fairly new and very inexperienced with this stuff. Howeverm I recently did one of those free natal birth charts online. It was interesting and enough so that I decided to join in on this site to learn more.

    Happy holidays!

  • Hi everyone. I'm new here and just learning about all of this. I'm a Scorpio and wow is that sign so true to me!! It really is amazing how well it describes me! Strange. I would love to talk to others and learn more about my sign.

  • IM A FEB. FISH BORN ON THE 28 1977, CELEBRATING MY 32 YR ON THIS EARTH'S JOURNEY. i have passionatly stuidied astrology, seriously now 4 about 7 years. And unlike most all previous things that ive expierenced in life, Astrolgy has only gained my respect and passion.

    I have been a memember of and many others for years,but not until this day,when seeing the pisces craft conest,that i have now joined this group. i have already posted many things ,.. even before discovering this "official" welcome place. My Pisces way proceeds me.


  • Hi,

    thank you for the warm welcome. I am an old Pisces - 3/16/37. I am single, I teach paino and play piano for church, theatre, bars, whoever wants to hire me. Of course, music is one of our strengths - right?

    I have been studying Astrology for about 12 years now. I do charts for people and sometimes i actually get paid.

    I will probably never be rich, but hey! that is really not the most important thing now is it? Look at the great people that share our sign: George Washington, Albert Einstein, Edgar Casey and Ralph Nader. we have a lot to be proud of and live in a world that others just don't understand.

    Looking forward to hearing from some fellow Pisces.


  • Hi, everyone! Im new here. I q's about my love life. I dont know where to go for some insight. I am a virgo and hes aqarius. Is there some things I should know if we're compateable or not?

  • Hi, thanks for your welcome.

    I'm an Aquarius in a 4 year relationship with an Aries and things get rocky between us and as I've researched so far it's because of how different our signs are, but our love is strong does anyone have any suggestions or comments.


  • hi! im a Pisces Goddess! and im secretive - hence my name here PiscesGoddess007 !

    i am interested in learning more about astrology and its influence on who we are and how we tick. Im constantly surprised at how accurate has been in my life in all different feilds! if u have any advice or input regarding my bsign, tarot, numerology or just plain wisdom for me please send it my way.. i am very open-minded and willing to learn!

  • hi patti!

    im new here and pretty new to understanding astrology but i am very interested! i havent had my real chart done - mostly cuz i lie about my age to most people! haha! also i know i was born but not exact time - within 2 hrs.. so apparently my chart cant be known. my mother forgets what time i was born so its seems lost! i evven called the hospital i was born at looking for the info and it was gonna cost $65 for a new copy of my birth record. Anyway, you seem very wise so i suspect itd be good to get to know you and be willing to hear your prespective, knowledge and advice!

  • Hi all. I'm a Taurus/sun, Capricorn/moon, and Taurus/rising. Very stubborn at times which can drive my Leo husband crazy. Yup, I married a Leo male and have a 2 yr old Sag. son. lol My sun sign and rising is spot on. Very stubborn, slow to anger, and determined as heck. I stared reading horoscopes in highschool then tossed them out once I got to college. It was holding me back since I was living my life by "stars" which didn't help the first 2 months of college. After doing that and using this only in moderation I've opened up so much more and ended up happily with a Leo. I always will always love astrology and just want to learn more about them or me for that matter.

  • Hi!!

    I just (as of today) joined Tarot fourms / All things Virgo. Can you tell me a little about myself? I was born September 3rd, 1962. I am serious about this and need to know if I can trust you. Your response will speak for itself. Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing back from you.


  • Hey, I just joined Tarot forums myself so I'm new here. I was born on July 13, 1978 so obviously I'm a Cancer sun. But I also have a Libra moon and a Scorpio rising. I've been interested in astrology ever since about 2003 or so, so I'm always interested in sun/moon combinations and romantic compatibility with signs other than my own.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this, and if there are a few things I can learn more about myself than I already have, please don't hesitate to tell me.

  • Hello I am so new to this type of forum but I love the gift of astrology. I was very young when I started experiencing some strange things in my life. I was 5 when I was introduced to my first tarot card reading. Since then my life has been weird. I have seen ghost communicated with them and still to this day I don't understand it. I can sense when death is around me or about to happen. I'm always accurate about the person and place. I have not mastered the time of day I just know when its about to happen. I've been tryng to find a way to just release my feelings about the things I experience but I'm afraid for some reason. This forum is a good thing for me even if noone replies I have a way to release my thoughts. To anyone how do you become one with ur gift.

  • oops i posted in the wrong forum for the introducing myself lol...well ima pisces and im pretty grounded thanks to the many capricorns i have as friends along with tauruses and a few virgos, glad to be on the boat haha...=D

  • as for you myangle, i have the same abilities, idk about you but i can see through peoples fronts, sense lies, and disloyalty, and iv fined tuned my ability to sense these things, pretty much for me staring at a water fountain or being in the shower and closing my eyes while water flows on me or around idk lol helps me think, helps me understand myself, you could try it, or try surrounding yourself with Earth signs, helps me alot, keeps me from drifting off constantly into my dream world, i hope i dont sound stupid posting this lol, im new also...

  • Hello i am new and a Gemini as well. I intend to learn from everyone while i am here.

  • Hi 🙂 im new to these forums but i have been on for a year now. Im a gemini with cancer rising and a taurus moon. Ive been interested in astrology since i was little and am getting into tarot and numerology over the past year or so. I love all of this stuff as it is very interesting to me.

  • HI!

    I have been ready Tarot cards for over 35 yrs.! Just got into Astrology. If you would like to exchange readings...born: July 26, 1944 5:11 AM Brooklyn, NY County of Kings

    do you see a move to Florida and if so when?

  • Hello,Im new to astrology but am very interested about what everybody has to say.It is amazing how experienced everyone is.All I know is that im a Leo 22 aug,1977.I don't know what my rising or anything is .If anyone could help me with learning more about astrology that would be great.I do 1 card tarot readings at the start of each day just for fun,it's strange though because they have been very accurate as to whats going on in my life.

  • Hi I am not new on but I am new to the forums. I am shopgirl 318 I am a leo born august 1, 1983. moon sign is in taurus, rising sign in gemini, mercury in leo, and venus in virgo. I am not new to astrology, but ir has been fun discovering new things about myself and other people that come on here.

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