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  • Hello all, I am new here, Birth date is 4th June 1980, Libra rising and moon in Aquarius so a mixed bag ;o) love all things astrology and have a real passion for it, so I enjoying talking to you all about it.! 🐵

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  • Hi, don't really know much about astrology, thought I would come here to start changing that. I'm a virgo, with moon sign aries, gemini rising, apparently !

  • Hi everyone.... I am new here... and just testing the waters... Unlike SunScope I managed to find how to change my avitar... mmmmmmmmm

  • I already posted my intro in the Horoscopes Section.But since th Astrolgy section sems muc more active I'll post my intro again here.

    I actually joined back in Jan after buying the latest yearly personal guide for Pisces.At first I didn't know there was a forum.I discovered there was one back in July but didn't feel like joining at the time.However as I get more and more into Astrology, I get more and more questions and thus joined Tarots Forums to ask questions.

    I'm a Pisces Sun,Leo Moon,and Scorpio Rising.

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  • Hello all! I hail from a somewhat minimal background in technology so be patient with me!

    Sun sign:Leo, Moon Sign:Aries, Rising Sign:Sagittarius

    I have been studying Tarot and Astrology for the past 10 years. It began with learning to conduct tarot readings and currently I study natal charts. I have always been very perceptive to people's individual feelings and situations. In return, people have always seemed to sense my personality as well, because many (friends, acquaintances, and perfect strangers) will approach me out of the blue and feel the desire to tell me their problems or current situations. I am sure that many who visit this sight can relate... What currently brings me here is that I have had this overwhelming feeling of my "destiny". Meaning, I constantly have this feeling deep within my soul that I am suppose to achieve a specific goal in this life...I am suppose to meet a specific person who will share/teach me what my souls purpose is. I guess I am just fishing to see if fate has told any of you about me and wondering if anyone has a message for me!

    I have tried numerous times to read for myself but my talents only work for others not for me. I would truly like to have a reading or speak with a psychic but I live in an area with limited resources. I am not interested in pay sites because I feel that the potential for scams is far greater. Does anyone know anyone who "shares" their talents no strings attached? I am sure you will find this fascinating. Thank you for your time!

  • I am a new member but i don't know about Astrology

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  • Hello and blessed be to everyone! I'm Rachael and I'm new to the forum. I've been a member of for a couple years. I have always found astrology very interesting and fun. I have learned a lot of cool things about myself by studying astrology! feel free to look at my birth chart and tell me what you think!

    I'm on the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp (birth chart says I'm an Aquarius, though)

    My moon is Capricorn

    My rising sign is Virgo!

  • Here's my birth chart~

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