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  • Hello,!

    New member here. I am a taurus w/ virgo moon. Mostly earth-chart.

    Looking forward to participating!


  • Hello to everyone and Happy Holidays! I am really not a new member I just haven't been in here for quite a while. I love this site and intend to visit more often. There was a thread for Capricorns and b/c noone was writing in it I started it up again and it was doing well, but I had to stop posting due to personal issues. I hope my fellow Capricornians will accept me back in the fold b/c I am ready to talk about our sign. Our birthdays begin this month and into January. Mine is the 16th. Happy to be back!

  • Hi everyone 🙂

    I just joined this forum today.. I am very excited to learn more about astrology, as my sole sources so far have been Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs" and "Love Signs" - both of which I absolutely adore. They have made me very curious to this extra dimension. Currently I use a Daily Horoscope application on my phone - which totally bugs me, as it never seems to be any kind of accurate. And seeing that I can't let this go, I figured I might as well find something more serious - and I came here 🙂

    I am born on November 8th. 1989.

  • Hi, I just joined today, I have always enjoyed astrology starting out when I was about 16.I have perused over Linda Goodmans sun signs and love signs as well. I am a sagittarius sun with a Libra rising and a Leo moon. I also have venus in scorpio and my mars is in Aquarius. I'm unsure of the other planetary lineups but I'm looking into it. My birthday is Nov, 30th

  • hi my name is nancy and i live in nj : ) i am a libra and have always been interested in astrology esp. when i discovered such specific similarities in relatives who are also libras. we share a love of choc. covered cherries but must be with the clear liquid centers and we all love coconut, anything coconut. we all have difficulty making decisions and weigh both sides ad infinitum (can drive friends crazy, "decide already!" lol). i've always been attracted to leos, my dad and granddad were leos as was a few bf and my former fiance. one bf was a scorpio...omg! lol currently i'm seeing an aries guy and wondering how that "match" is? any other libra women involved with an aries man? balance is prime importance in my life and i'm always seeking it. nice to meet you all. looking forward to hearing how this love of the arts, beauty, balance and peace impact on you too. namaste! nancy

  • Hi to all

    I'm a new capi member, of course interested in astrology and what I don't know.... even when what I know is not well digested yet.

    Is hard for me to guide and enjoy my life at the same time, frequently I chase a dream and focus on it ....if I achieve it... an hour later it means nothing.... I feel kind of empty until other dream arrive to plays it's game.

    However since I lived for a while 12/31/1960 ....I noticed about some periods quite more balanced where the dream is not that strong nor the ego, the pain, or the worry...I know I can not live there permanently but at this moment will be very relieving to know if there is one on way.

    Thanks a lot

    moon in Gemenis

    ascendant Aquarius

  • Hello everyone. I am pisces leo moon venus ands mars in aries. Im pretty sure my rising sign is leo. I really enjoy learning about how the stars make an impression on moments time and the pp

    that were born during those moments in time. Its romantic and i am a romantic all the way. I am married and 27. My husband and i have been together for 10 years. Just like talking about one of my favorite sujects. So lets chat.

  • Hi Admin! I am a newbie and i want to know about the libra.

  • Hello to all! I have a double dose of Gemini in both my sun and moon signs. What is really interesting is that my rising sign is Leo 🙂 I am a musician, a writer and a mother. I thrive on organized chaos.

    I follow Chinese astrology as well. Both my son and I are Dragons. Most of the time I feel like I was born in the wrong century, or at the very least, the wrong country. I have vivid dreams but rarely remember them once I wake up. I have recently become interested in past lives. I also have worked with Tarot since I was 16 years old.

    I am here to connect with people who are into astrology, and I am also here to learn more about the subjects that I've held a deep interest in for most of my life.

  • Hi Everybody...

    Am a new member... I am a cancerian woman.. My moon is also in cancer, while my ascendant is in Virgo . My Chinese Zodiac is the Snake. I was first introduced to the world of astrology through the Linda Goodman books. N i have been hooked ever since. I think it helps me understand myself better...

    I am excited to be here. ^_^

  • Hey everyone 🙂

    I've been interested in astrology since I was in diapers probably 😛

    I've been searching around for possible people with my same astrological formation. I've seen somewhere before that people with the same sun, ascendant and moon look VERY similar and I want to see if it's true for me as well!

    My sun is leo, my ascendant is Taurus and my moon is Pisces 🙂 So if you have the same or know anyone who does, lemme know please!!!?

  • Hello all! Jargon is a great thing sometimes. I once had dinner with a group of total strangers - all into astrology. Conversation went like this: "(Something personal) ...but then, I do have saturn at 12 degrees Pisces"

    "OMG! That's exactly the same place as my mercury."

    "No wonder you haven't been saying much."

    "I know. It all makes sense now. I have gem rising, and usually you can't shut me up."

    "well, sorry. My saturn - he means well"

    "I know what you're saying. Mine is at 7 sag, same as my husband's moon. Drives him crazy. He says I'm a nag. But I'm not."

    "He sticks around though, doesn't he? Whatever he says, you make him feel safe"

    "And with all that aquarius he has, that's no easy thing." etc. And everyone knows everything about everybody within twenty minutes. At least we think we do.

    I've been looking at theoretical stars for over twenty years now. Sadly, I don't know everything about everybody at all. Talking about astrology can be a great way to cement prejudices and preconceptions, to pigeonhole people and experiences ("Well,what can you expect from a Leo?"). Or it can be a great way to navigate the vast skies of our lives, tease out issues, identify patterns, find richer and more creative ways to live and relate. So it's fun to visit a site like this and try to hear the specific as well as the general. Everyone has some valuable information to add about Aries, Taurus, the sun, the moon - whether they know it or not. IMHO. So here I am.

    For those who like to know such things, Im a taurus, capricorn moon, cancer rising. Could you tell?

  • Hi all... I am Astrokylie and I have loved astrology for as long as i can remember. I have a virgo sun, capricorn moon and aquarius ascendant. Really looking forward to learning more through and from everyone here.

    Love and Light


  • Hi, ive just joined im a scorpion. Ive always been interested in astrology and have learned a lot about myself through this. I like visiting clairvoyants and sometimes go to psychic fairs, im also fascinated with past lives and have a keen interest in reiki healing. Would like to learn more about my interests on here.

  • Greetings. I've been interested in Astrology and the like for awhile. For probably the past 15 years or so I've often wondered about the effects of the different moons from the different planets in regards or relation to the effects to the and the outcome of the different signs and their charts; and then more recently the inclusion of Ophiuchus. Just curious.

  • I couldnt help but chuckle after posting this considering I couldnt find an "avatar" and I used to be a Sagitarius. The guy with a question mark in his head seems fitting.

  • Hello All. I've just joined. Astrology has always been of interest to me- even as a child. No wonder, I'm a Scorpio with a Leo Moon with Taurus Ascendent. I'm interested in learning more about my sign as well as the others. Thanks.

  • Hello everybody...I am Chagrin, from Serbia, I want to learn and to make contacs with the people of some interest!

  • Hello..My name is Georg...I join these site to know more about astrology. My Sun sign is Virgo, Moon in Taurus, Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Scorpio..can someone explain about my astrology?? Thanks alot :))

  • Hello all. I dont know much about astrology, The little I know is interesting. I am Gemini. My birth day is tomarow "June 20th". People tell me that Im on the cusp, but I dont know what it means. Reading some of the stuff that other Geminis wrote I see a lot of similar personality trates in me. I just wanted to share, and if any one can tell me any thing that will interest me about my sign please do.

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