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  • I am a newbe to the forum.I am a virgo 090946 born in dallas texas @ 3:57 am

    leo rising moon in aquirus,venus in scorpio ...whew

    there have been many changes in my life over the last 3 years and i am very

    addicted to astrology! but would like any insight from others as the planet changes have

    been hard and unexpected...anyone else had their whole world changed to the core?

  • hey everyone,

    im new to the forums and im here to learn more about astrology

    i am an aquarius/pisces with cancer rising..

  • Hello Everyone,

    I was raised as a Christian but something always told me there was more so about 2 years ago I began learning about astrology. I joined a website and started meditating. It was as if I was a sponge and soaked up everything I could find to learn. One of the things I've learned is that I have a gift that I can't quite define but I am able to see very clearly at times exactly what is bothersome for some people and share with them in a way that they understand. I never know when or who it will happen with but it gives me such peace. I love doing it because everyone is always so happy to hear that another person understands what they do not. Even my friends have told me that they see me changing, the thing is, I can't seem to see anything about my own self. I've been longing to meet my higher self whom others have told me that they met, yet I cannot. I've been told that I am a member of the "brigade of light" but I don't know what that means. I was born in Houston, Tx at 11:54pm on 1/4/1963. I have a Capricorn sun, rising Libra, and Moon in Taurus.

    Any insight as to what is evolving for me would be greatly appreciated. I am giving person but always seem to attract the wrong partners and until now, it really hasn't bothered me much. I had a brief reading from a woman who told me that I have difficulty finding a compatible match due to a woman from a past life who took my partner from me and has followed me to this life. I don't know what to think about that but if anyone knows, please share.

    So nice to meet you all

  • Hello every one,

    I have been a member of this site for a few years. I enjoy reading my stars and would like to know more about Astrology and i feel that i will never reach the needle in the hay stack and that is ok... I just have a want to know what is my universal calling and if i am on the right path... Well any way, I am a true blue Scorpio with Taurus Rising, My Moon is in Virgo and my Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio... My birth date is 15th November, 1968 at 7 pm.. If any one out there can give me a little more information about my chart and calling... please dont hesitate...

    Happy Days

  • dear all,

    i have been reading California Psychics for at least a year. i love real astrology and these guys know

    their stuff. Podcast makes me feel i'm eavesdropping on some wise friends. Born june 8 1953 at 4pm and a few minutes. Not a typical Gemini with a Taurus moon and Scorpio rising. Every computer astro

    reading says Libra rising. i understand the times but an excellent professional asrologer with an MSW in Jungian Astro therapy etc. She's good. told me Scorpio. i had already decided Scorpio 20 years ago when my best friend and i discovered Astrology is real. Libra just doesn't make sense and i have talked to every friend i have who's into the stars and they agree. What could it be? but that is me-Gemini sun Taurus moon Scorpio Rising Mercury in Cancer Venus in Taurus Mars in Gemini...

    Love to know what the story is with this mystery. Libra Rising is makes no sense. Interesting-when i had my personal moon done although it said Libra rising the wheel was set up as if Scorpio were the Ascendent! So it matched the chart i had made 20 years ago for myself. Seems we are all confused on this one. Rick? Jeff? You listening? Joy Peace and Justice AND LOVE to all.

  • Hi, Im mid 60's and 5 months ago,sold a joint home and left an emotionally abusive partner after 10 years. I decided to move interstate and find a ne home but so far nothing is poresenting itself and I am living in what I can afford without depleting my financial resources too much on rent, until I find a new home to buy.

    I love the area and climate I have moved to but with my natal chart havng 29Pisces on the asc conunct natal venus , moon at 0 cancer sun at 20 pisces and my MC at 29Sag, all is being hit and I am fighting a serious depression at not being in my own home and with all my possessions being in storage interstate woud like to know if anyone can see any hope for the mergence of a new home soon or will I need to build?

    I cannot think straight and am starting to lose hope.

    I'll try to post my solar return 2010 chart with a prayer that some positive preply will come forth. BlessingsSewit

  • Hi, I am new to this forum but have been using the site since 1996. I am an Aquarius, born 2/11/1955 at 9:43 PM in Charleston, SC. Am interested in everything on this site but recently stumbled onto the forum. I look forward to reading and posting more once I learn my way around. Love this site!

  • Hello, I am also new to this forum. I grew up with phenomena around me since my sister was an empath. I was so young and didnt understand what was happening around me. In any case Ive been intrigued by astrology, paranormal and tarot ever since. I am a Sagitarius born on 12/11/1962 in Bronx, NYC at 8:05 pm. Anyhow, I recently married a Taurus.... Ive been trying to adjust and am having kind of a hard time. Im real independent and head strong.. he is... well he's a Taurs, need I say more? Just looking for insight here...Thanks.

  • Hi, everybody! I'm a Libra, with Libra Rising and a Capricorn Moon. Born 10-18-1969, 5:55am, in Montebello, CA. Been thru all things psychic. Because I 'see' what occurs before it occurs, I always thought that was normal. My ex -12-22-1967, was a very hard person to live with and I've still got scars, especially since he's got my kids. As a teenager my good friend, another Libra born 10-14-1968, was also psychic and together we read for people at a ton of psychic fairs in SoCal. Looking to get my life back.

  • Hello everyone 🙂 I have been a member to for some time but never the forum. I love the sharing and openess of this community. Such giving souls on here. Hoping maybe to find some answers about my life in here since I have recently had such a drastic change. My husband of 20 years and I seperated and 9 days later he committed suicide. Very confusing to me. He was a virgo. I am also uploading my chart. Any help would be appreciated. I just don't have extra money to spend for readings right now.


  • Well I guess it won't let me upload my natal chart. I am a Libra. Birthdate is 10/11/1968. time of birth is 6:05 PM

  • Hi everyone I am browngirl24 I'm a taurus, my bday is 04/25 I enjoy meeting new people, traveling and being with my boyfriend 🙂

  • Hi,my name is Larry,there is something about astrology that has me very interested.I look at the stars and sky alot from my home in the mountains,its a very rural place and clear lite sky.Im always,looking and trying to learn more about it.Want to learn more about astrology and the stars.

  • My birthdate is March 6 1974,and want to learn more about astrology.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, I'm new here, a cusp Gemini, born on May 21. I've had a chart done by a NASA scientist who is also an expert in this field. He has told me that it is normal for me to have very low energy periods from time to time. After a few weeks of avid cleaning and manic piano practice, I've hit an all-time low. I surely could use some advice. Anyone else in this type of slump.

    I'm thinking of going on a personal vacation, just to get to the ocean.

    I don't know any other Gemini's and hope to meet some here.

  • Hello!

    I am a new member today 10/26/10. Following is my birth chart as I know it.... (Jan 23, 78)

    Sun-Aquarius (V house)

    Moon-Cancer (Midheaven)


    Mercury-Capricorn (IV house)

    Venus-Aquarius (V house)

    Mars-Leo (XI house)

    Jupiter-Gemini (Midheaven)

    Saturn-Leo (XI house)

    Uranus-Scorpio (II house)

    Neptune-Sagittarius (III house)

    Pluto-Libra (Ascendant)

    Lilith-Cancer (Midheaven)

    Asc Node-Libra (Ascendant)

    I have ignorantly read about my chart for years but have yet to REALLY understand it completely. (the commitment of becoming a member of a forum took time, lol)

    I know being an Aqua makes me very unique. I feel that everyday and can very easily distinguish my differences from others. With my Cancer moon I feel a lot of contradiction I think??? I want /need people to feel deeply for me but yet somehow when I am told of their feelings it somehow makes me uncomfortable. It gives me that uneasy feeling. Is that due to my Lilith???

    Relationships: I married a Leo at the age of 19. Early commitment for an Aqua-I know! Fear of loosing the stability I needed at that time, I now know was the reason. I learned to love him and had 2 beautiful children. Son (Virgo) and Daughter (Cancer). Recently divorced after 13 yrs.

    I then had love at first sight with a Sag. That only lasted 6 months (my now fear of not having what I want 100% and he wasn't what I need 100%).

    Very attracted (a true soulful feeling when around him) to a Gemini - but just seems to be a bit boring for me.

    Also seeing a Pisces - but his very active wondering eye is not what I need. I think as an Aqua we feel we need to be #1. If we're not-we move on very quickly and know we will have no problem finding someone else to hook-n-lure.

    Mom is a Taurus-Hard relationship and too many stories for this forum!

  • Greetings to all:

    I am a Capricorn

    December 30th birthday

    but dont know the time


    My Mom can not remember

    I hear it is quite important

    so I will try to see

    the price to obtain this

    from the hospital of my birth

    do not have a puter

    but will try to read

    and post when possible

    Namaste :))

  • Hi everybody!

    I'm 30 years old and I'm from Texas! I've been interested in astrology since 2005. I had an account on myspace and I would see the daily horoscope on there. Anyway, I was bored and I knew my birth time so I got my chart done and I found it to be very much like me.

    My chart is:

    Sun in Virgo,

    Moon in Cancer

    Mercury in Virgo

    Venus in Cancer

    Mars in Scorpio

    Jupiter in Virgo

    Saturn in Virgo

    Neptune in Saggitarius

    Uranus in Scorpio

    Pluto in Libra

    I'm really fascinated by reincarnation and past lives. I would really like to learn more about my past life. I know from my past life karma report that I have had many past lives as a woman and I feel that this is accurate. Also I did my career assessment test at college and it was just like my astrological report!

  • Hello All! Just found this site while renewing my interest in/astrology studies. I got way into astrology when I was working/living with an astrologer friend who taught me tons about it- I used to follow the moon daily and other transits, was very into studying my natal chart as well as those of all my friends and family and past/current relationships for about 4-5 years solidly, then got away from it slowly for the past 4-5 years. I am just rekindling, well, renewing my interest and (of course) inspired by a new relationship of sorts. They always inspire me to obsess and analyze endlessly (not necessarily a good thing, I know). At any rate, I will post those questions elsewhere, but figured this was a good place to start with my info.

    29 Jan 1978 local time 5:03 pm

    in Buffalo, NY (US) U.T. 22:03

    78w53, 42n53 sid. time 01:22:39


    planet sign degree

    Sun Aquarius 9°39'18 in house 7

    Moon Libra 13°58'55 in house 3

    Mercury Capricorn 21°20'48 in house 6

    Venus Aquarius 11°29'34 in house 7

    Mars Cancer 28°32'13 in house 12

    Jupiter Gemini 26°49'02 in house 11

    Saturn Leo 28°29'28 in house 2

    Uranus Scorpio 16°12'35 in house 4

    Neptune Sagittarius 17°38'36 in house 5

    Pluto Libra 16°39'40 in house 3

    True Node Libra 7°27'34 in house 3

    HOUSE POSITIONS (Placidus)

    Ascendant Leo 6°31'55

    2nd House Leo 26°28'41

    3rd House Virgo 21°02'08

    Imum Coeli Libra 22°20'41

    5th House Scorpio 29°27'52

    6th House Capricorn 5°51'52

    Descendant Aquarius 6°31'55

    8th House Aquarius 26°28'41

    9th House Pisces 21°02'08

    Medium Coeli Aries 22°20'41

    11th House Taurus 29°27'52

    12th House Cancer 5°51'52

    As most of the time I spent studying astrology was before/during my Saturn Return period, I was focused on my natal chart, and did not really get into progressed chart. I am super interested in locational astrology (relocated charts) and have most recently personally been searching for a good home "base" for myself as well as my eternal search for manifesting soulful, creative, spiritually and materially satisfying life work. Of course, I am on the eternal quest for the "love of my life"/partner/soul's mate. :)-

    Astrologically very interested in learning more about reading/interpreting relational: synastry & composite charts as well as more about working with progressed charts as well as reinterpreting traditional systems of understanding/ "living through" the houses.

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