Any recurring themes from dating Sag women? common complaints?

  • Hi everyone I was just wondering what your experiences have been of dating sag women. Im a sag women and have noticed recurring 'complaints' and also themes in my own behaviour. Ive always thought them to be a sag thing.. but I guess theres a chance it could just be me...

    Common complaints from ex's:

    • Too much 'I' not enough 'we' (eg prefer to deal with my own issues by myself instead of relying on partner to help)

    • Partners percieve I want to leave the relationship too early (eg If I sense somethings not right I will call it off instead of whinging or trying to change them)

    • Get accused of being too cold (eg instead of being dramatic/ over emotional, I withdraw to sort things out in my mind)

    • Very easy going with things most women become irrate over but become upset over things most women dont care about

    • over sexual at the start then lose it as the relationship goes on..

    Those are the common complaints I have had from ex's. The things Ive noticed are:

    -Im generally not attracted to guys who persue me before Im interested in them.. So for me to date someone, I need to have my eye on them first, perhaps initiate the flirting but then let them do the chasing... I then build them up into an ideal.. In the beginning I focus more on do they like me than do I like them... After dating a while I realise they are not the ideal but someone usually incompatible... And I try to end things.. They then become upset and I stay out of guilt and do what I think is trying to make it work, but as you see from the complaints this doesnt work out too well. Obviously it results in me eventually ending the relatioship, the guy left hurt and angry and me left feeling guilty and misunderstood as my intent was always good..

    It is clear the problem (that I build men up into an ideal) but that thunderbolt (you feel in the beginning) is so hard to resist... aswell as discern (work out whether it is real or fantasy)

    Just wondering whether anyone else has these complaints about sag women... or if Im just a freak hehe

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