Mother squeezed out by StepMother>>>what to do?? help please??

  • My son is 19 years old....I have supported the roll is Dad's new wife held and made sure my Son understood that he was to be respectful of her...I fought for custody twice and lost. I know at first you're thinking I must be a bad mom, drunk? drug addict? Farther from the truth....his father and I decided since he had a better job that our son should stay with him while I got on my feet....little did I know that would change when she came into the picture....she raged war against me and still I supported her position, she drug me through the mud in court...fabricating moral situation trying to make me look horrible as her sister the laywer won the case and then went to work for my first husband and successfully getting the reversal of a custody order on a technicality and taking another of my children out of my house.....all the while I supported her and felt that karma would take care of the problem. Last year my son was a struggling 18 year old failing miserably at getting a diploma and as usual they called me to play the heavy and get him to do what he needed to do. He in fact got his diploma and they immediatley kicked him out of the house...then he enlisted in the one has given me any information regardinghis plans, so I wasn't able to plan the trip to see him before he left (I live in another state, forced to take a relocation so I could support my two younger girls), then they didn't bother to tell me he was getting a two week christmas vacation so I could plan a when he was on vacation he didn't even call. Any info I got about him was off of his Stepmoms Facebook the other day she says how she crying n such over him leaving and I make a comment (kinda mad) about ~sarcasm~ How nice it was to hear from "My Son" over the holidays....she immediatley removed the comment and deleted me as well as my daughter as contacts. I start to dig and I find that most of her aquaintances think that my son is hers. what to do? has she poisoned my son against me? All I ever tried to do was be supportive and hold up my obligation finacially even at the cost of being forced to relocate. Any help here? My DOB 11/19/ son 8/23/1990...hers 10/08/1963

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