Horoscope Always Off Target

  • Hi CoffeeGem, I'm no expert but here is my two cents.

    First, your ascendant plays a big role, as does your moon sign. Also, being born on a cusp does make a difference, although by knowing the time and place where you were born will help you to pinpoint your actual sun sign. Hopefully somebody else pipes up and explains how it all fits together -- it'll be a lengthy post! 😉

    Second, and this is just my personal opinion, some of it depends on who is doing your reading, how they interpret or explain the information to you, and how YOU interpret the information given to you. For example, the "monthly forecast" on this website for August (for Gemini, as a matter of fact!) was DEAD ON for me, and also seemed dead on for my brother, who is a Virgo. Things that happened to us were dramatic -- not every-day types of things that you can overlook (think fighting with your boss and quitting your job types of events.)

    The next months' forecasts didn't seem as accurate to me. But was it because the information wasn't accurate or was it because I was expecting major drama, like what happened in August?

    I know I didn't answer your question completely but that's how I look at it.

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