Horoscope Always Off Target

  • Dear Coffeegem

    Awwww. tell the elephant to go on a diet perhaps, or as you say, stick your head in a book until the elephant wanders off. Love and hugs my friend.

  • Hang in there Coffee!!! Lots of vitamin C, zinc lozenges, etc. 🙂

    Thank you HP3! I didn't realize I had that conjunction. I can't wait for you to get to me.

  • Edited to make that last sentence make sense, can't wait for you to get to me on the other thread! 😉 Thanks again.

  • Dear Goosemamma

    You're very welcome.

    Peace and love

  • This post is deleted!

  • interesting. very.unfortunately i must get my hands on my birth certificate to ask hp3. i remembered my mom saying one time, but then on another day that i asked her, her answer was different. so when i got my chart done, it said i have like 5 leos, which makes no sense. the leo horoscope almost never applies to my life.

  • Now I wonder - I get this automated horoscope everyday from Tarot.com an done from another online feeder. I get so enthusiastic somethime but usually nothing corresponds. My Sun is in Pisces. N=But that' all that is in Pisces. My moon and ascendant ar ein Capricorn. I don't want to be a "goat". I want to be my own arsty "everything is relative" pisces person self. But alas, I am stubborn like a goat. And the one thing that gets e going is for someone to tell me that I can't do something when I have already decided that it can be done and that I can do it. Now - should I be reading the Capricorn horoscopes instead? I always thought that the Capricorn part just sort of gave me enough will power and "oompf" to keep my feet grounded in something, to work hard enough to make a living and keep trying. That said - what I would really like to know if there is some part of the rest of my borthchart that I can use to counteract the "darker" side of Pisces - the part that gets depressed and sinks to the lower levels of the sea. Don't know if the Capricorn ascendant and moon is enough to do that.

  • My life sucks no matter what I look at......astrology, numerology, prayers to God..........btw, I am a double capricorn, doesn't matter to me if I look at the ascendant or not. Moon is in Aqaurius. I no longer understand life at all.

  • moondreams, keep in mind that capricorns are ruled by saturn, the planet of limits and down time. the ancients thot that saturn , like saturday, was a day to recount of your failings and the entity (for lack of better word) of forlorn-ness. my latin teacher explained it in class once when he was explaining where the word "saturn": came from.

    capricorns are usually going to go through a lot of rough times, and accepting defeat isnt going to help. if things dont make sense, make them make sense. aquarius is in you as well, so you probably have a better handle on things than you think, not to mention i bet theres a part of you that wants to go against your limitations which in turn kick you in the teeth. maybe going against things like that is like blunt force trama; happens so fast that its often forgotten and then you find yourself in the hospital.

    thats my two scents, and all i got. hope things get better.

  • I was technically born on an Aquarius-Pisces Cusp and I find that SOME of my daily horoscopes are fairly accurate. But, I'll try my Rising sign horoscope and see what it says...

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