Horoscope Always Off Target

  • I was talking to my Mom yesterday and she says the daily horoscopes are uncanny! My horoscopes never seem to pertain even remotely to anything that is going on with me.

    I was born on a cusp. I am wondering if that has anything to do with it?

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  • heehee! I understand. I read the one for yesterday and was like, "whaaa...?" Same for today, something about an unexpected treat -- and the day at work sucked instead! 😉

  • Dear both

    Goosemamma you are spot on. Only read youyr ASCENDANT's sign......that will get your 'houses' in the right place., but you can only get your Ascendant, Coffeegem, if you know the time you were born. Peace and love.

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  • Dear Coffeegem

    Great stuff ..you should see an improvement in accuracy, but if your Ascendant is 20 (twenty) degrees Libra or more, you would be bettter off reading SCORPIO...! What degree is your Ascendant please (between 1-30)?

    Peace and love.

  • CoffeeGem, I'd love to find a person who can do good daily readings also, somebody who can tailor it to my chart and also be blunt and say things like, "Whoa, you need to stay home today Girl, it's really not looking all that good." HA! (I can hear my boss cracking up when I call to tell her that I'm calling in for "bad planetary influences," or "my horoscope is incompatible with life today, I'm calling in dead, you'd better put an ad in the paper or something, quick...")

    I can read descriptions of planetary influences and houses in a book all day, but somehow I just can't apply the information!

  • BTW, HP3, can we all pretty much assume that our ascendants might be "off" according to our birth certificates? Clocks can be off, right? I've often wondered about that. I'm supposedly a double Gemini but sometimes I don't feel that way. It'd make a huge difference if my rising was Taurus or something else instead.

  • Dear Goosemamma

    Have you thought that your MOON might be as important as your Sun? The Sun rules the essence of who we are, but the MOON(important in Vedic astrology) gives us our negative characteristics in bigger doses than the Sun sign does. Where is your MOON please?

    Peace and love

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  • Dear Coffeegem

    If you give me your date, time and place of birth, I'll clarify things for you.

    Dear Goosemamma

    Ditto the above.

    Great idea about 'off' days...probably get your pay stopped though!

    Peace and love

  • highpriestess3 could you help me with my ascendant

  • Dear Findingmypurpose

    Certainly Date, time and place of birth are needed please.



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  • Hey Coffee, don't forget that Mercury's been retrograde since like Dec 26th! (Seems like FOREVVVVERRRRR!!!) Yep, I feel it too, looking forward to that planet getting its little rear in gear again... LOL!!!!!

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  • Dear Coffeegem

    You have a LIBRAN Ascendant, so read Libra rather than Gemini in magazines. You have an Aquarian Moon by the way.

    You feel ill because SATURN, the cosmic taskmaster is travelling through Libra at the moment, making you feel trapped and imprisoned, tired and achy. Imagine an elephant sittng on your lap- that's pretty heavy!.

    However, it is a great time to go to college, or learn new skills, as Saturn rewards hard work - it's time to make your dreams a reality and give them shape.

    Peace and love.

  • Hi HP3, me again, my Moon is in Virgo. I was born

    June 4, 1968 at 0541 am, Phoenix, AZ

    Per cafeastrology, I'm a double Gemini at 18.27 degrees (?) (but I printed a chart from another site that says I have a Taurus rising if I'm looking at the chart right, which is why I asked in the other thread if these computerized charts take DLS into account -- AZ is not on Daylight Savings), Moon in Virgo.

    I posted on your other thread as well so I can patiently wait to see your take on it!

  • Dear Goosemmma

    I think only the programmer of the softtware package you used could answer that question. Mine says Gemini and as your Sun and Virgo Moon are both ruled by MERCURY , I would give Gemini the emphasis. You also have MARS and VENUS in Gemini, so without counting your Ascendant, you still have 4 Mercury ruled planes in your chart. Therefore, even if you had a Venus-ruled, Taurean Acendant, it would still be swamped by Gemini.

    Much more interesting is your MOON-PLUTO conjunction, giving your powerful emotions alll the depth of SCORPIO's - Lord of the Underworld.! Gosh!

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