Mercury Retrograde and Reappearing Men from the Past?

  • I can't remember...but I recall there being something said about Mercury Retrograde and Relationships...what about someone reappearing from your past during Mercury Retrograde?? Is it "temporary"? "worth it" or "forget him"? LOL

  • Yes it does happen but only when you least expect it. If you want a particular person from your past to reappear, chances are that it won't happen, which is the quirk of Mercury Retrograde!

  • happened unexpectedly...but being during MR, does that indicate a course of action for me? e.g. give him another chance? or what?

  • My friend saids that during mercury retrograde people reappear when there is unresolved business or unresolved issues so you can deal with whatever was unresolved, so you should look into it..ask yourself if there is anything that needs to be resolved or closure, etc..

  • I should listen to my own advise..and virgotarot, you are absolutely right! It happens when you least expect it, I just got an e-mail from the man that I considered to be the love of my life that broke my heart 20 years ago. I have no clue how he found me, and I have literally moved to the other side of the world from past has come back...he was one person I thought I would never hear from..all my feelings are rushing back...

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