Please may I have a reading?

  • Thought I'd share this as well:

    "it's about putting my fear into something more positive"


  • Rebecca,

    if two persons are really intimate they will allow absolute freedom, because they know that intimacy is far more beautiful, far more significant—they have experienced it. So any sexual relationship is just a little diversion, nothing can go wrong just because of it.

  • melezka,

    I enjoyed the video.

    Maybe you can enjoy this video too:

    Remember, activity is goal-oriented, action is not. Action is an overflowing of energy; action is in this moment, a response, unprepared, unrehearsed. The whole existence meets you, confronts you, and a response simply comes. The birds are singing and you start singing—it is not an activity. Suddenly it happens. Suddenly you find it is happening, that you have started humming—this is action.

  • Sorry Mr.Hans, I must have missed something here. The "two persons, intimate etc." I have been alone for over 3 years. Not seeing anyone or looking for anyone in that capacity. What did I overlook?? Thanks so much. RB

  • Summerotter

    What should your next step be? You should be ready and willing to struggle for yourself.

    In relation to career and relationship with my boyfriend: Be careful, you were hurt, let no one hurt you any more.

    You can expect a smoothing out of affairs in the realms of work and health. However, if you have had bad or negative habits in these areas or if your lifestyle has included any activities which have intentionally or inadvertently hurt others, you may have to settle your accounts. Whatever happens, see that as a guidepost to make corrections in your path.

    This will cause a settling of all affairs and at the same time bring some much needed peace into your life. If, during that time, you take some time to tune in to your deepest thoughts and feelings, you may become aware of a special message for you that comes from inside. This message may lead you to perform a special mission in your life, one that uplifts others in some important way.

    Misery is not as big as you make it. So the first thing is to reduce it to the right proportion . . Be very factual. If you really want to transform your life, be factual. You can not get out of fictions, but you can get out of facts. Facts can be tackled, but fictions cannot be tackled.

  • Sorry, ragbag,

    but why are you alone? Because you want it? Or because you are afraid of intimacy, or because you are not willing to give yourself or someone else absolute freedom? If you are really ready for intimacy AND for freedom, the second person has to come....

    What did you overlook?? Your possessiveness.

    Whether you believe or disbelieve you have already taken a standpoint, you are already prejudiced, you have already got a certain mind and with the mind there is no grace.

  • Maybe all of the above. I have been through many things, some my fault, some not. I can indeed be possessive in that I want the best from someone and I also give my best. Yes, I am predjudiced against being hit,lied to,cheated on or having my family mistreated. You are T-riffic Mr. Hans!

    Thank You

  • ragbag,

    there is a great difference between satisfaction and contentment; not only is there a difference, in fact they are opposite to each other. Satisfaction is pseudo. It is just an effort to cover up your wounds. The wounds are not healed; they are there, but only covered. And they go on growing, they go on becoming bigger, they go on collecting more pus; they can become cancerous. Contentment is healed wounds. One has become whole. It is authentic.

    Turn on, tune in and drop the lot.

  • That's why I'm on this site. I hope to soon be able to open myself up and really let go. It is true, I am in such a state.I found this forum on 12/24/09 and it has been a very real source of help and comfort for me. When I read some of the posts here I feel truly selfish for even thinking I have a problem. So many here with, as my mom would say, Real Problems. Thanks yet again.

  • Thank you hanswolfgang, I enjoyed this.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Misery is not as big as you make it. So the first thing is to reduce it to the right proportion . . Be very factual. : That statement resonants with me very much. Lately, I have allowed my fears and my mind to get the best of me. Thoughts of past hurts from old relationships...they have been posioning my mind in reflection to my current relationship. I am working on sticking to the facts of the current relationship and not allowing emotions to run amuck!

    In regards to the negative habits in relation to work and health: Well, the bad habit that I still am practicing is smoking. It seems the more I allow myself to stick with emotional fiction instead of facts...the more I desire to smoke. A habit that I intend to eliminate. I will have to really think and pray about if I have hurt someone...I do not think that I have. If anything, I am more prone to cause hurts to the self more than onto others.

    This message may lead you to perform a special mission in your life, one that uplifts others in some important way. : That is what I am looking forward to .

    Let no one hurt you anymore: Yes, I must remain in my power place and not take anything personal. That is a karmic thing that I struggle with. The lack of self empowerment and having to stick up for myself. The slings and arrows from times takes my breath away and sucks me dry.

    Thank you for your guidance and message.


  • ragbag,

    Respect life, and life will respect you. Love life, and love will shower blessings on you.

    But don´t impose yourself upon anybody.

  • Sounds like I need to do some soul searching. I didn't realize I was imposing. I am learning lots here and hope to become a better person. Give out but dont give up. Thats for me, of course. I will continue to read and study the posts here. They are helping me in so many ways. Reawakening some issues and showing me how to cope. It really is not my intention to impose. Wow...I just continue to learn from yall!

    A HUGE thanks!

  • I am in worse shape than I thought LOL

  • melezka,

    knowledge is the world. When Jesus says: My kingdom is not of this world, he means the world of becoming. He does not mean this world of the trees and the birds singing and the rain falling, and the sky and the clouds, no, he does not mean by "this world" this world that surrounds you, he means the world that surrounds your mind and your being, the world of becoming, desire -- what Buddha calls tanha. The desire to be something other than you are already.

  • Summerotter,

    innocence is divine. Innocence knows no distinctions between good and bad, knows no distinctions between good and bad, knows no distinctions between this world and that, knows no distinctions between this and that. Such innocence is what suchness is.

  • ragbag

    a person who is continuously thinking whether there is any risk or not becomes so self-conscious that he never lives. He becomes rigid and dull and stupid—mediocre: forget all about risks. Life is a risk. The day you were born, one thing became certain: that you are going to die. Now what more risk can there be?

  • I have always heard there is a first time for everything, just like to everything there is a season.

    In my 50 years I have been called many, many things but I have never been referred to or called STUPID.

  • In the mind, you are miles away from being. The more you think, the less you are. The less you think, the more you are. And if you don’t think at all, those are the moments when being asserts itself in its totality.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang, we have met on another post and i appreciated your insight, and would like a little bit more if i may?

    My b/f has hit some financial difficulties and it seems to be taking him down, i would just like to know if you see him loosing everything, or will he pick back up? I dont feel he is telling me everything!

    Thanks Sylvie

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