Please may I have a reading?

  • I see him neither loosing everything nor will he pick back up.

    Sitting silently, doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.

    Looking at the whole complex, corruption cannot be stopped whether there is a middle man or not.

  • Hanswolfgang, would you kindly do a reading for me?

    DOB 11-12-59 @ 7:27pm PST.(California) I am concerned about my choice of new career--should I stay and hang in here or go back to what I was doing before? Also in a new relationship for 6 months--any idea where this is going? He's VERY different from anyone else I've ever had in my life. I feel like there are big changes coming in both areas--would like a heads up if possible. Can you tell me what is instore for me in the next year?

  • On the day you were born, Flintstones season 4 episode "daddies anonymous" aired

    it was a cute story plot where daddies played cards in a secret lodge instead of walking there children.

    2010 is going to be a year where the world is going to appear like there might be some truth

    to childhood ideas of secret lodges and people not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

    This in no way implies that you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing, moreover it is a metaphor for the appearance of things not always being as they really are. Use you

    god given intuition to discern the truth from deception, allow your self to be open to ideas that are stranger than you can think, these kind of ideas can get you out of a jamb, they can get you ahead, they can prevent disruption, but they often seem so bizarre that your mind will often reject them. Ask yourself why am I automatically rejecting this idea, and play with the concept that the universe and the world are strange places full of things that are wonderful, mysterious, and sometimes work in ways that are just plain strange. Strange is going to be a word that describes 2010. Not negative, not positive...just strange.

    Muster up the courage to expose yourself to 1 thing, 1 idea, 1 book, 1 film, 1 person that is outside of your comfort zone, do this 1 time per month, call it a "stretch". It will help the strangeness around you appear more tolerable, and will create an ability to think in ways that

    will help you navigate your way through 2010.

    I know this hasn't been a reading thus far, so I'll pull 1 card from my Mayan deck the Xultun Tarot

    a rare deck from 1976, the card was "warrior" it values speech and has two jaguars on it one albino and one black, suggesting a play of opposites forces, a warrior knows how to use both forces to achieve his goals, he/she is intuitive, is one of action, is victorius, is a bearer of news, is a person of openess and one of initiation. So whatever you undertake in 2010 understand that you have forces at play that you can use at your discretion, if you need to play dirty you have the capability to do so, but you much prefer openess, dialogue and action in the direction of your goals. Its not your fault you are warrior, you need not apologize for satisfying your needs in any manner necessary, you are here to be who you are, period.

  • tikiseven,

    Was your message for me, PaisleyScorpio? Strange scenarios and ideas have already been a part of my life--I have been tracked down in Europe by Welsh Psychics needing to get a message to me of great importance as to why I was in the country in the first place--they have also stopped me in the street to ask me questions because they were compelled to. The unusual no longer causes me distress--I am always open and ready to receive.

    The Warrior card you drew doesn't surprise me either...and you ARE correct in that I have the ability to play dirty and know I will win, but choose not to do so (strong sense of fair play and compassion). I also quit apologising for being a warrior long ago...people either accept it or don't--either way I need to do what is necessary for me.

    Thank you for your attention...

  • PaisleyScorpio

    you should stay and hang in here instead of going back to what you were doing before. But there should be even a third, a better alternative to this two.

    Also in your new relationship for 6 months: there is a kind of stillstand now. Contemplation and reflection is needed, before you decide where it is going.

    What is in store for you in the next year? The going can become tough, if you are too much after money. Then the climate can become emotional cold and instead of togetherness there would be just going side by side.

    But now there is a powerful stabilizing influence present and you can bet there will be some sort of settling of accounts. Though this usually takes the form of financial debts being paid or repaid, it can manifest in payments of other forms of 'value'. This will also encourage you to make compromises where money is concerned and to take full responsibility for all your debts and actions that involve exchange of value.

    Yes, that is possible—it is possible by transcending time and space. And in meditation you transcend both. In meditation you don’t know where you are, you don’t know the time, you don’t know the space. In meditation, time and space both disappear—you simply are.

    You feel so guilty when wanting to express yourself and when you finally take courage to do so, if feels more like a No to others than a Yes to yourself. Then the guilt returns because of this. Postponement or defiance are the only ways you know but they seem part of a circle anyway. Is there a way to transform guilt?

    No, it has to be simply dropped.

  • Thanks hanswolfgang. It's good to be reminded. I know the only thing I'm in control of (if that) is my response to my life. But...but...I'm tiiiiiiired. I know i need to let go of wants, to just accept what comes my way. I know a house and a garden and all that stuff won't make me feel safe - only I can make me feel safe. But...but...I'm tired. And I'm scared I'm not doing the best for my family. Tired and confused about what to do, where to go, how to continue (today...sorry.)

  • Thank you again you make sense, hes admitted he will loose what he wants and keep what he needs. He is now looking into other business ventures which will take him in a different direction but with other people involved so he is not singularly responsible for the whole outcome. Hopefully this will lead to us becoming more secure relationship wise and financially.

  • melezka,

    what to do, where to go, how to continue: you want to achieve all and everything losing your innocence, your spontaneity.

    To be responsible means to be alert, conscious. To be responsible means to be mindful. Act with as much awareness as you can find possible. Even small things— walking on the street, eating your food, taking your bath— should not be done mechanically. Do them with full awareness.

  • sylvie74

    to be conscious means to take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders.

    You have to stop being out, be in.

    And take the quantum leap

    from mind into no-mind.

    Feel the silent fragrance within.

    This moment is a divine moment.

    Pin down your consciousness to this moment. No head, no heart but just pure consciousness.

  • Yes, hanswolfgang, thank you. It's only panic that stops mindfulness...and I need to remember to just chop wood, carry water...

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Thank you. I have been thinking about what you have said. You are right--I feel we are currently at a standstill in our relationship. I want the togetherness in our relationship. I sense he wants it too--longs for it--but is still watching and waiting for something. It is interesting that you speak of financial security for a trade of value in a relationship--he and I have had this same conversation before. I am not about the money--I have walked away from much money in prior relationships rather than stay just for financial security.

    You are right about my feeling guilty regarding expressing myself. I will take your advice in just dropping it. Hard to do at first, but with the meditation you are suggesting, it will become easier in time.

    Is there anything else you would like to share with me?

    Thank you again.


  • Are you trying to say i think too much? if so thats what everyone tells me. Always worrying about the future and not the now, never stopping to smell the roses.

    Love and Light


  • melezka,

    somebody asked Lin Chi, a Zen Master, "If somebody comes and attacks you, what will you do?" He shrugged his shoulders. He said, "Let him come, and I will see. I cannot be prepared beforehand. I don´t know. I may laugh, or I may weep, or I may jump and kill that man. Or, I may not bother about it all. But I don´t know. Let the man come. The moment will decide, not I. The whole decide, not I. How can I say what I will do?'"

  • PaisleyScorpio,

    is there anything else I would like to share with you? Be ready to receive gifts from existence.

    The day you were born you took the greatest risk that you could ever take. Now death is going to happen, death is bound to happen. The day you were born you already took one step into the grave. Now what greater risks can you take? Even if you go on avoiding risks, you will die, so why not take the risk and live really authentically?

  • Thank you Sylvie

    Am I trying to say you think too much? Yes.

    Be simply a deep receptivity... a readiness, an open door.

  • hanswolfgang would you do a reading for me what do you see happening this year for me ? born 06/02/1972

  • what do I see happening this year for you: you will make a journey to someone you love.

    This is a powerful influence of balance and peace in personal relationships. How it affects you will largely depend upon your current status in your love life and how responsible you have been in that area. This will demand that all outstanding love debts be settled and will encourage you to take responsibility for your actions and words in your closest relationships. You may find that you have to make compromises and adjustments to accomplish this as well.

    On a more universal level, this year may also reveal to you a special purpose in your life, one of helping others by sharing love with them. You may become aware of a special mission that you are to perform. It is the year of peace and of intuitively knowing how to love others in a spiritual sense.

    But that is natural, it has to be accepted; there is nothing to worry about.

  • Thank you Hans, thats so funny, i know i do and im trying to stop it. But your comments made me smile and thats as good as a hoilday 🙂 thankyou xx Love and Light Sylvie

  • Thank you Sylvie,

    if you are interested in doing something, you can do it without any problem if there is not other consciousness.

  • Yes, and I just need to trust that whatever I do I will have enough strength and consciousness to do what is right.

    Or not. I will just do.

    Aaaargh! Trying to be "good" and trying to be accepting!


    thank you x

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