Please may I have a reading?

  • Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone will be kind enough to send some thought my way and let me know what the year might hold for me. My d.o.b. 12/12/63. I've had massive changes - well seemingly forever but certainly in the past 12-13 years, and am really wondering if anyone sees positives or negatives in a proposed location change for me and my family. Anything in the ether?

    I think it is lovely that readers do this for each other. My favourite deck is the Motherpeace one...but I have little confidence in my own reading abilities...hence the request...


  • I see positives in the proposed location change for you and your family.

    some thought sended your way: Be receptive enough for a gift of existence.

    what the year might hold for you: you will make progress in achieving your goal, in going for your career, as long you are going on in a balanced way.

    You have considerable emotional power, charm and personal magnetism. This power could be used to bring you success in any activities that deal with groups of people such as acting or sales work. It is also an indicator of having healing energy, a 'spiritual force' gathering in you, a This will give you the power to get your way with people, both personally and professionally. It can bring you more social fun, better intimate relationships or more success in your business.

    And the earth is not against the sky. Observe the trees— the tree can go higher in the sky only if it goes deeper in the earth. And so is the rule, so is the law. A man who is deeply rooted in the earth can go deeply in God—not otherwise.

    Now you are entering into a world, a totally different world. You are not acquainted with it. You are moving from the sleeping world to the world of awakening. That is initiation: your desire to wake up and the presence of somebody awakened who can fulfil your desire.

  • Thank you so much hanswolfgang; you have given me a lot to think about. Perhaps I am scared of power; I know I need to overcome shyness and inertia to do the best I can and to fulfil all the aims I have. Your words frighten and inspire me - thank you so much.

  • BTW, if it helps you - or anyone else - my birthtime was 3.33 a.m. in Perth, Australia, 12/12/63. Thank you.

  • There may be financial losses of one kind or another but their true meaning is that of a completion in regards to some values that you have been holding. For this reason, it could be an indicator of the ending of a certain kind of work that you have been doing for a long time, or the ending of a certain pursuit. This could be the pursuit of some financial goal, some relationship, or some other 'thing' that is valued.

    When money does seem to be lost, keep in mind that this is just the preparation for a new cycle of incoming money. Sometimes you need to spend some money to stimulate more to come in.

    Mid January 2010 until mid November 2011 will be a time of great striving in your life. It can be a time when you overcome all obstacles and triumph in any area of life in which you wish to succeed, but it can also be a time of struggle against tremendous obstacles. Although you may be able to overcome them eventually, the struggle will leave you quite exhausted. It is very difficult to tell in advance which of these two extremes you will be closer to.

    The energy level of this influence is very high and must be released somehow. If you don't use the power it gives, you are very likely to become a victim either of circumstances or of someone else using that kind of power against you.

    This influence can produce a ruthless drive to dominate and gain power, or it can signify your struggle to resist such domination by another. However, if you are the one who is dominating, you will only set in motion equally ruthless opposition forces, and you will very likely lose.

    But with this influence you can also do great things. Work requiring great effort is much easier, because your state of mind makes it seem easy. Hard work is far and away the best use of this energy. And if you are working for the good of others rather than for their domination, it is more likely to work out positively.

    Whatever you are doing, this is not a good time to risk any injury. Because of the darker side of this influence, its compulsiveness and capacity for ruthlessness, you should avoid all situations in which you might encounter persons of this nature. It is advisable to stay out of bad neighborhoods and high crime areas.

    Misery is not as big as you make it. So the first thing is to reduce it to the right proportion . . Be very factual. If you really want to transform your life, be factual. You can not get out of fictions, but you can get out of facts. Facts can be tackled, but fictions cannot be tackled.

  • Hi.

    Firstly, apologies for not getting back sooner - I was snowed in! - and my internet access is patchy sometimes - sorry. It's not because this is not appreciated.

    I know what you are saying about misery - and maybe that is the main thing I need to keep in mind. Perhaps this reading is neither positive nor negative - but I must confess my first impulse was, aaaaarrrrrgghhhh!!!!! No more money losses, no more nasty situations, no more struggle....please!!!

    But actually I know it is good to be forewarned and to try to use the energy in positive ways. Just concentrate on working hard and doing right. I will try. Thank you for the insights.

  • Never commit the same mistake again and again, that’s true—invent new mistakes every day. Be creative. Risk in new ways. Be risky, live dangerously, live without security and safety. Be tremendously in love with life.

  • Hello hanswolfgang 🙂 I´m in a stage where guidance is highly appreciated! Been surviving for the past 4 years, so much has changed in my life - difficulties? name them and i´ve been through them. My name is Carmen, DOB 15/09/1960. I thank you ahead of time for your insights, love always ...

  • Hello Carmen,

    stop fighting, in the end you will always be defeated, even when you win.

    Instead of fear and arguing conversation, rather prefer communication, sharing ideas and cooperation on a communication level. You may feel compelled to talk to others and to establish lines of communication.

    Look deeper into yourself and you may discover an inner conflict between your desire to be alone and to be with others. Talking to others may shed more light on who you are. Just make sure that you are being honest with yourself.

    Don't choose. Accept life as it is in its totality.

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Thank you hanswolfgang, I laughed out loud when I saw this. Yes - why make the same mistakes? There are so many other mistakes I can be making! (And I will!) I will keep trying to stop folding in on myself and to open out to life more instead. Thank you...

  • Carmen,

    you need not ask for help, just be ready to receive it; it is already available.

    The society, civilization, culture, church, all force a small child to be more logical. They try to focus his energies in the head. Once the energies are focused in the head, it becomes very difficult to fall towards the heart. In fact, every child is born with great love energy. The child is born out of love energy. The child is full of love, trust. Have you looked into the eyes of a small child? -- how trusting. The child can trust anything: the child can play with a snake, the child can go with anybody. The child can move so close to a fire that it can become dangerous -- because the child has not yet learned how to doubt. So we teach doubt, we teach scepticism, we teach logic. These seem to be measures for survival. We teach fear, we teach caution, we teach prudence, and all these together kill the possibility of love.

  • melezka,

    that is so sweet!

    That is the meaning of religion: to reunite, to remember again. This word “remember” is also beautiful. It means to become the member again, re-member—to become part of the source again, to go to the source and become the member again of it.

    Then you are no more afraid of emptiness. That simply means you are no more afraid of death too, because death and emptiness are the same.

  • I'm not afraid of dying - I'm afraid of what it would do to the people around me at vulnerable times in their lives if I died. That's the only fear - of causing the kind of damage that that kind of "abandonment" causes.

    And though I know that on one level nothing really ends, the lack of "conversation" and physical presence involved in that kind of loss has made me so angry at established religion in the past that I have not been able to access what might otherwise have made me feel differently.

    I know not everybody loses the conversation - but I did and I felt it so keenly.

    And I know I maybe needed to learn to look elsewhere than the religion of my upbringing, but it was so much upheaval at such a pivotal time in my life.

    So, I'm ok about dying - but as probably everyone says, not just yet! ("God, make me good - but not yet!")

    -Though I know I'm not the one who gets to choose when......


  • It seems as though there is nothing but you and you are so alone.

    Perfectly good and perfectly right. This is the way one moves deeper into meditation.

    But this speed mania has to be stopped. There is no need. Each step has to be enjoyed and celebrated Speed is unspiritual. The very idea of speed is unspiritual. Why not enjoy each moment of life? Then each moment becomes a goal itself.

  • Will you please read me? 07/27/1959

    Thank You! Rebecca

  • You are like an emperor.

    You could be a successful business woman, one who runs her own business, or a financial woman such as a banker or stockbroker. You are successful and you have a strong sense of values which have made you the success you are. You are ready to start your own business and it promises great success if you do. It bestows everything needed to make a success of some financial or business opportunity. Don't let it go to waste. Find some way to be in business for yourself and go for it.

  • Thank you. That is a trip considering the shape I am in right now! However I know this too shall pass. I have faith and hope for a better (ahead) than (behind). You are one amazing person. I have read lots of your replies and so forth in my short time here at the forum. Doesn't take long to know that you, as well as several others, are definately gifted. Thanks again. I'll be reading you!!! 🙂


  • hanswolfgang - you are the good angel sitting on my shoulder.

    And on the other shoulder are the DEADLINES and they are SHOUTING!

    I know you're right though - and I also know enjoying each moment is the only way to hit those deadlines - it's just coping with the paradox!

    Thank you - again..... 😄

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Good morning. When we are ready to know, we, I am asking.

    There are so many things that are up in the air and uncertain right now. What should my next step be? In relation to career and relationship with my boyfriend. I am not able to see clearly at the moment.

    My DOB is 8/2/71

    Boyfriend is 6/17/64

    Thank you for your assistance for clear vision and taking one small step at a time.



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