Selling Buisness

  • Birthdate 11/25/1954


    Husband and I have owned a buisness for 20 yrs. We want to sell and move on. We have buyers but Im having a hard time convincing myself they are the right people. I want out so bad!

    the stress is to much at times. Are we makeing the right dicsicion? Thank you and God bless.

  • You are not making the right decision.

    We cannot make the question and it cannot be answered in any way, positively or negatively. There is no proof for or against. It is beyond proofs, beyond logic.

  • Thank you for your reply hanswolfgang. How is it you see this? By my birthdate? I had my cards read by an Indian Shaman and everything was positive that it would sell within this time period. It just seems as tho things are working against it. The cards did say there would be trouble makers that did not like what was happining. This is what is makeing me dought that it will ever happen. Again thank you for your reply. May your new year be filled with many blessings!

  • The "responsability overload" I pick up from you makes it hard to see anything past that. I pick up more about you than the actual situation. I do sense that either way your worries and fears are bigger than reality. Most major sales have their bumps and surprises. If you have already gone into contract you must accept and play that hand, Worry will not change anything and might atract a headstrong prophecy. The best I can pick up is no matter what you will move on and this too will pass. Remember--decisions made under pressure of desperation can atract the predators. You need some distance fast to center yourself. This is a challange I know being in the thick of it but if you could just get away for a day or two of letting go of all that responsability and feed your inner child with fun and joy it would help you see clearer and be stronger to deal with the next hurdle. Again, this too will pass.

  • Thank you millcab90

    How is it I see this? By my cards, not by your birthdate.

    But this is what I see by your birthdate:

    Conversation, communication, sharing ideas and cooperation on a communication level. However, also fear and arguing. You may feel compelled to talk to others and to establish lines of communication.

    Look deeper into yourself and you may discover an inner conflict between your desire to be alone and to be with others. Talking to others may shed more light on who you are. Just make sure that you are being honest with yourself.

    When are you going to change your methods?

  • Blmoon and hanswolfgang, Thank you, your both right on. Im so tenced up I can't let it happen. I feel I cant grow until im not tied to that buisness anymore.

    Theres so much I want to learn and do.

    My husband is 19 yrs older then I and weve been together for 33yrs, He is my love and my friend. Will our dreams come true?? Thank you again.

  • my first thought--your dreams have already come true! But I know you are seeking something specific not already possessed. I honestly don't know the answer--spirit says nothing as if you are jumping too far ahead of yourself. I see the word JOURNEY. Spirit says even if you reach the dream looking back the journey will always out weigh that moments bliss. Live in the moment--distractions and all and you will dream new dreams everyday. You and your husband are fertile with possibility--it goes both ways---you build but you can also knock down. Do it different this time--let go of all those issues that hold you back. Spirit does hint possibility is in your favour--depends on how much time you can realy stand "with yourself" . Sorry, I can't hear any hing more--wish you the best and Blessings on your New Year.

  • Blmoon, Thank You, It just amazes me the gifts people have. There are so many things i'm interested in that it bogles my mind. Crystals,Stones,Auras,Chakras,Healing,Dreams,Meditating, and my JOURNEY! I keep seaching for an awakining. Thank You for your blessings

  • millcab90,

    your dreams will come true.

    Surrender your whole being in totality.

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