• To Anyone out there, I need help with my career. I am already working on my spiritual self for a year and a half, and I am trying not to repeat old behaviors and I am getting mixed vibes from people in general about what is right. Is nursing the career for me? If I am not going to get a job, be able to take care of my son and have time for him and just have another useless degree like my teaching degree , and I am not suited for it, I don't want to embark on another endless journey. I am interested in medical lab technichian as well and have been researching options and doing things differently then being impulsive. I dont know how to contact my spirit guide myself, I ask for a sign and get nothing. I pray to my higher power as I understand him, and I am not getting a response. Last year at the time I applied at the school I want to attend, I felt I belonged there and it was a good choice but I have made myself ponder it endlessly. Thanks

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