I am getting a scary message...Can anyone help? Thank you!

  • To whomever that may be able to help me with this one, I would really appreciate your insight.

    I have been getting a message for about a week or so now that "my days are numbered". It is scary if it is that I will be dying soon, because my son will be without his mother. It is not scary for me though, because, well I'm just not that afraid of death. I really never have been.

    On the other hand, does it just mean that things are about to shake up in my life? Are things are about to severely change? I know that I am going in for surgery next week, but feel it is a very procedural surgery and that that shouldn't be a problem. I just feel this is "something else". (Maybe even a new job -- I can hope).

    Or, is it just in my head, and I'm just making it up in my mind? Always a possibility. It's just, I keep hearing that my days are numbered. If the first possibility is true, then I really want to prepare my son for the future. I am a single Mom and it just wouldn't be fair to him. I love him so much and just don't want him to go through anymore grief than he already has (losing his Papa right in front of me and him). Thank you in advance for any help with this one.

    Again, if anyone has any insight or advice, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!


  • Hello Amantim,

    I do not at all get the message that you will be dying soon. I'm getting that there is a deeper meaning than the one you are getting and you need to relax, be still, and open up to what that meaning is. It is a symbolic message you're getting. Our guides sometimes speak to us in terms that we understand, other times they use clues, hints, suggestions, symbols, etc., to help guide you on a journey of discovery of your own. This is a learning exercise meant to enhance your being in tune with your own inner voice, your own intuition.

    Blessings and Light

  • Hisbablove -- Thank you so much. I just read Spirit Song by Mary Summer Rain, and have been coming on here since November. I have been practicing looking for people's auras, and other such things. I have been trying to be more in tune with myself and my intuition. I thank you very much.

    Like I had mentioned, I'm not afraid of death itself, I'm afraid of what would happen to my son. He's never met his father, and my Mom is in no condition to be raising another child, nor should she have to. What a relief. I will try to meditate to find this meaning of this message that I am getting.

    Do you think it might be a message from my Dad perhaps? I was told by a friend very recently that he is now guiding me from the other side. I can certainly believe this, as he used to guide me while he was still on this plane. He was (still is) a brilliant man.

    Again, thank you SO much! :- ) Please let me know if I can return the favor in any way.

  • Dear Amantim

    Im not a psychic, but felt very moved by your post.My gut feeling is that the message is not about impending death...everyone's life is uncertain and days are numbered.Maybe its a call to focus on some project in your life,perhaps related toi your intuitive work and finish it.I did a quick 3 card tarot spread and there was nothing fearful there.There was one card which hinted that a past relationship or association with a person should be given up...a letting go{but not as in death!!).The Star suggests good health and all should go well with your surgery.Look out for unexpected (pleasant) messages or an opportunity.Hope this helps!

    Am sending you best wishes,prayers and love...take care!

  • Dear Amantim

    Im not a psychic, but felt very moved by your post.My gut feeling is that the message is not about impending death...everyone's life is uncertain and days are numbered.Maybe its a call to focus on some project in your life,perhaps related toi your intuitive work and finish it.I did a quick 3 card tarot spread and there was nothing fearful there.There was one card which hinted that a past relationship or association with a person should be given up...a letting go{but not as in death!!).The Star suggests good health and all should go well with your surgery.Look out for unexpected (pleasant) messages or an opportunity.Hope this helps!

    Am sending you best wishes,prayers and love...take care!

  • Suramya -- Thank you so much! How sweet of you to do a 3 card spread for me. I appreciate it. Don't cut yourself short of lacking intuition. I felt it from you.

    I wonder if this is the new focus on my career and my intution seeking combined. I really need to get out of where I am currently, and find something more rewarding and more fruitful. I'm certainly not making enough money to support my son and myself, so it would be refreshing, or as you say unexpected pleasant messagts or opportunity. Yes it certainly did help. Thank you thank you.

    I have been fighting with my oldest sister for many years. I continue to let her back into my life, and she continues to cut me to the core. This last time was for me the last. I have cut her out of my life for good, or at least until she can treat me like she treats the rest of my sisters. Anyhoo, I was wondering if that was the person that you speak of, or if it was more about letting go of my Dad, who I lost in May of this past year. I was very close to him, and I was the one unable to save him. I did all I could, and now accept that I wasn't able to save him, and maybe now I need to let go. This will be a hard one, because I love him so much. Many of my family members think I need grief counseling still since I was there and see him dying over and over again in my mind.

    I'll ponder on it and see what I get. Again, thank you so much. If there's any way I can repay you, plz let me know. Thank you.

  • Your father is trying to tell you that you could not save him and that our days are numbered in the sense that our death time is already on the books--his time was out of your hands and he so wants you to not think about regrets. AND he has regrets about how he spent his own time and is telling you he is as close as ever and guiding you to live each day in the moment as if it were your last--BUT do not dwell on any "worrisome" energy as it atracts the wrong things--your son can pick up your thoughts about dying so please don't have those thoughts or it will show up as anxiety in him although he won't know exactly were it comes from. He already harbers that fear of loosing you--he is young and it has hit him hard how suddenly death can come. You are also picking up his fears. You are blessed to have your father watching over you and you are right to sense a new beginning. He says you should continue to distance yourself from family drama and you will attract a "spiritual" family of friends more like yourself.

  • Wow! Blmoon! -- I had to read that twice to fully get what you were telling me. My son is extremely gifted, isn't he? He told me once of how he saw Jesus, among other things. He has moments (very few) where he cries about his Papa (my Dad), but they are so few and far between. I wonder if he has grieved properly at all, because he doesn't talk about him that much in the sense of his death. It almost seems as if he talks about him like he's going to see him soon. I know he has regrets of not getting to do certain things with Papa (like hunting and such), but he doesn't show much grief. Me, on the other hand, I cry almost every day. Two completely different types of grieving.

    That's funny too, that you said he said to live in the moment like every day is my list. I say this because, I was driving to or from work the other day, I can't remember which, and I got this thought, "Well, if my days are numbered any way, why am I afraid of getting into an accident?" Like, why be afraid of it, if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. I'm not kidding. That's EXACTLY what I felt. Of course, then I started thinking, "well, what if I'm only paralyzed, and not killed. That would suck patunas." Does this mean I am more able to "hear" him more than I realize? I know this is a silly question but, has my Dad turned into my spirit guide? Or just "a guide"? & is he guiding anyone else in my family?

    Sorry so many questions. Since my Dad has passed, I have had so many. So many more than I thought ever possible. I know my sisters have been reaching out to me more than ever, and showing me love more than ever (and more than normal), except the sister I mentioned above. Although, she thinks she's helping, it's through jealousy, not compassion. I asked my Mom the other day why she was always so hateful to me, and that I just couldn't figure out why. She said, "I know why." She said it was because my sister always knew that I was Dad's favorite, and she was simply jealous. That she had to do things the hard knox way, and I always had help from Dad and her. I told her, "Well, I never told her that you and Dad told me that I was his favorite." She replied with, "She knew." It made a lot of sense, but more so with the message you gave me from him to pull away further than ever. I'm done being her whipping post.

    Sorry for the rant, but you really hit home for me on this one, Blmoon. Thank you! Is there anything I can do for you in return?

  • You are so right on! I felt the jeolousy thing but didn't say it because didn't want to stir things up! Usually I don't hold back but got a really hateful response to a message yesterday tho it's very rare and thank you for reminding me I should not let that inhibit me! YES YES YES your father is very close to you and now guides you a lot and will always be your best bud he says.--he visits other family members as well and said to tell you he is your advocate and whispers in their ears at night in your behalf. Your son is intuitive and does not always speak up but he is very close to the spirit world. People who see Jesus at a young age are given a special purpose that takes much bravery and this vision helps them later to never lose faith when they are tested. He feels his papa's presence and is learning about death and the afterlife in his own way. He is a very evolved soul and he chose you special to help him this lifetime as you are open and nurturing to his gift--you have an open mind and heart and love unconditionaly. As for doing anything for me--you already have! After yesterdays lashing from a very hostile post I almost didn't come back. You have restored my faith in bothering to share my gift. Blessings on your New Year.

  • Oh wow! I am very sorry that someone made you feel in such a horrible way. They are the one's who need not return. You, as so many others are so helpful here. When people don't have an open mind, and don't hear what they want, they need not bother. I get it when some people have a gut feeling, or an adament feeling, but to be an idiot (for lack of a better word) to someone that is trying to help them, well, that's just wrong!

    I sincerely appreciate your input, insight, guidance, advice, etc. You are one of the very truly connected ones. I only aspire to learn as much as you, or even half. I know that I have gifts. I know that I am different, I've always known this. I just always felt selfish for feeling that I might be special. My sisters are not too supportive, except for the one that hates me so (believe it or not). She is the one that I was always able to open up to spiritually speaking, until recently. Now, she is so full of hatred that we don't even connect anymore. I disconnected from her for the last time a few days ago. I tried to reconnect to her during the holidays only to have it blow up in my face. I feel bad for her. I know in an odd way she is trying to help me, but with such mal intent. Or maybe it's because I have always tried to see the good in people. When I happen to be able to describe someone that I have never met, it is usually in their perfect form. It took me a while to figure that one out though.

    Anyways, no please don't ever go. You are such a blessing to me, and I'm sure many other people here. I just found this forum in November, and it is one of the best things that has happened to me in quite a long time. Meeting you, among many other kindred souls is such a privelege. I certainly feel blessed, honored, and really don't feel like I deserve it. I wish I did, but that's another one of my many issues that I need to work through.

    And yes, that sounds like something Daddy would do. He would speak on my behalf. When he died, I felt so alone. He was the one in my corner, mine and my son's. He was the one that stood up for me when they had awful things to say. He even would stand up for me when it came to my Mom. He said that she didn't love me like she loved my other sisters. I felt that for many years. Given our situation now though, we're kind of forced to learn to love each other again. We need each other right now.

    Oh, here I go on and on again. You have just helped me so much, and given me so much information that I NEEDED to hear. I really believe that. & Please do not ever feel like you have to hold back with me. When I ask a question, I ask knowing there are some answers that I'm not going to want to hear, but need to hear. If I don't want to hear it, or am not ready to hear it, I won't ask it. 🙂 Blessings to you. I will do well by my son. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • I need to add on another thing. With your message, I asked my son: "Do you ever sense Papa around?" He said, "Yes, I feel like he is trying to tell me something but can't connect." I asked him what he thought that might be, and he answered, "He wants me to be sure to take care of you," then he paused and said, "and Nana. After all, I am the man of the house now." He is only twelve. I told him that he has gifts, and he just nodded and asked to play his xbox. LOL! 🙂 He knows. We've talked briefly about these gifts in the past. I've never really encouraged him to talk to others about it though, in fear of ridicule. I want him to be sure of himself first, then any attacks that may come, he will be prepared. Thank you again, Blmoon, and Dad! 🙂

  • Blmoon,

    I am glad that you decided to continue. I have changed my profile name from Chellyc 71 to luvslife. The reading that you have done for me has been invaluable and provided me with strength that I desperately need right now . I wanted to thank you again for your insight and to tell you that it does make a difference. You are very generous for trying to help so many.


  • Thank you Luvslife--may life love you back!

  • "Your days are numbered" is a very common saying by numerologists, referring to the fact that numbers play such an important role in our lives. Maybe your guides/intuition is suggesting you get more interested in numerology - perhaps you have a talent there or it could just be a very good way of finding out more info about life in general.

  • That is very interesting TheCaptain, because I was wondering how I should try to "tap" into what I already have, to better explain things maybe. I will look into this. Do you have any suggestions of where to start? Or should I just google it? Another thing that you brought up for me is that my Dad was always able to memorize numbers in an uncanny way. This, he passed on to me. I have always been a "walking phonebook" of sorts. Good stuff to look into. Thank you very much. 🙂

  • The internet is a good place to start. Also, Dan Millman's "The Life You Were Born To Live" is one of the best numerology books I have read on the subject and something I often quote from here.

  • Thank you TheCaptian. I will definitely check that out. 🙂

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