Where is my relationship going?

  • Can someone please do a reading with an insight as to where this relationship I am in is headed.

  • Greetings 143jastin,

    Without knowing much about your personal experiences, I think I might be able to shed a little light onto your current relationship.

    For the time being, my cards suggest to me that you're present circumstances within your relationship are positive. I can see from your past experience with this relationship that you and your significant other came together--each of you bringing an overwhelming abundance of positive soul energy.

    Presently, your relationship still appears to carry that same positive energy. The Four of Wands indicates a strong, committed relationship and great happiness in general. This four is often associated with engagements that can lead to marriage.

    The Five of Wands, however, suggests that in the future, you might be competing with one or several others who covet the same person who interests you. Sometimes it can suggest an affair but it can also represent other factors (such as work, hobbies, etc) that could be competing for the time you would rather spend with each other.

    No worries, however, because the Ten of Pentacles represents a possible outcome. This ten suggests financial prosperity and firm foundations for home and family life. When dealing with relationships, this card points to a rich emotional bond between you and your significant other. Everything clicks between you, almost as if you're one soul, one mind.

    All in all, I believe you'll be okay. Just remember to make time for each other, share your goals with one another through honest communication and if you both should agree on where you would like this relationship to go, trust that you have the power to make your dreams come true.



  • Merlin,

    Thank you for your response ian quite surprised by what the cards explain.

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