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  • my husband left me yesterday for reasons that he feels are valid. he left with a tyraid of how much he hates me. yet in the morning he was very much in love with me and we had a great new year. within 3 hours of waking up on 1/2, he was screaming and within the following 3 hours he was on a plane and left the state to return to his family home. he has been depressed about being out of work. he does not want any contact with me and i am just depressed and perplexed. we were fine - we were going to los angeles next week. can anyone help me? his bd 11/13 mine 7/9

  • Don't worry, 11hearts07, this is probably just a glitch in your relationship. You have a very good matchup according to astrology. Your Scorpio hubby is prone to depression, secretive behaviour, suspicion, and retreating into himself. Don't take this personally and just be calm and wait for the storm to pass. he just needs some space to cool down. You two have a very strong connection that is very hard to break.

    The delicious charm of forgetfulness periodically sweeps over this relationship, and in its wakes follows vividly beautiful dreams and visions. This relationship has a poetic and deeply spiritual quality. Peaceful meditation plays an important role; you two are capable of a connection that will provide peace and rest to both. No matter how stressful, mundane or prosaic the day has been, you two can seek each other out and find yourselves in your own wonderful space together. These feelings are difficult to share directly with others, but the relationship has an energy that can prove infectitious and uplifting to those around it. It exerts such a pull on you both that breaking free will be extremely difficult.

    A love affair proceeds from the physical to the metaphysical, using the sexual act to transport you both to other worlds and higher planes of experience. Lovemaking is a kind of cosmic dance, evocative and high, a true merging of spirit. You pair can go for long periods without physical contact, touching only with a look or kind word. Usually none of this magic will be apparent to the public eye; your children may even look on you with some amusement as hippies or freaks. Rarely however will they doubt their parents' abiding love for each other.

  • I see you requested a compatibility reading over on my other thread. Since you supplied the birth years there, here is some more info about you two.

    You Hearts, are an unusual person in that you have a pronounced tendency to both personal isolation and escapism. Your biggest problem will be your inability to adequately handle your emotions, with a strong obsessive streak to do with hurts and slights. Finding the balance between enough detachment and too much isolation will be an important lesson to learn, as will developing a willingness to avoid getting entrenched in your own fantasies. You have a strong potential for astute psychological insight and an undeniable love of fun and humour. Learn to laugh at yourself and take care that your sense of privacy does not become a prison. Watch your spending habits - you may be heading for trouble if you don't rein in your impulses. Look for the reasons for your darker habits and be prepared to do some work on yourself. Determine to change for the better - there are childhood events that are still causing problems and negative patterns of behaviour for you. Watch that you don't over-romanticise or become too sensitive. You must develop a mature relationship with your partner based on mutual respect and give-and-take rather than idealistic or unrealistic expectations.

    Your husband has winning ways and much passion and sensitivity. But he will still have to manage a tendency towards emotional ups and downs - luckily he is blessed with realism and good judgment that will balance him out on his journey through life. He has a fine work ethic and a knack for going into profitable careers that will ensure an improvement of his material lot. Any job insecurity will probably not last for long. The main danger for him is that being a somewhat primal individual, he might lose himself in sensual pleasures. No stranger to desire, he may retreat into lust or addiction at the expense of his soul's growth. Overcoming and tempering these primal urges will be a challenge. A failure to take responsibility for his own behaviour can sometimes lead him to believe he is a victim of forces beyond his control. Still, his charming exterior conceals a tough, resourceful character who is able to overcome almost any self-imposed obstacle in his life. Fuflillment will come when he embraces a spiritual ideal and feels valued for having done so. Yoga, meditation, and a healthy diet will all help balance his emotional tendencies and excitable nature. What he really needs is to develop a good sense of timing, particularly concerning when to will what he wants into being and when to simply let things happen. He will limit the stress in his life and promote well-being by cultivating a feeling for the right time for events to unfold.

  • OMG, you have pegged him so correctly. Thank you so much for your response. I take great comfort because you tagged it right off. He is so emotional and the arguments so severe that he has to cool down for several days. I don't understand this, as I am have a disagreement, discuss what was disagreed on and either resolve it or agree to disagree person, I can not handle this need for the storm to pass. As a nuturing Cancer I want to make it alright right away and I am just distraught that he chose to walk out again. Most times he barricades himself in the spare bedroom for a couple of days.

    At any rate I will heed your advice and pray upon pray that he realizes we have a tremendous relationship with a lot of love and he needs to be more of a partner.....

  • Ask anyone around the board who's been involved with Scorpions. Your new hubby is just being a typical Scorpio - you'll have to get used to his moods and stinging ways. Sorry!

  • Oh dear - I am a little worried myself. My best friend in high school many years ago was a Scorpio girl - very artistic and very weird. She was the best as long as she wasn't depressed, wasn't breaking up with yet another boyfriend and as long as you didn't piss her off. I haven' t had that good of a friend in a long time. Now I have a friend whose birthday is 11/16/1965.

    (Mine is 3/14/1958). It is the same sort of megnetic, intelligent friendship (I think) but so far it is mostly telephone conversations. I was hoping for more than just a friendship but that is just a hope. Even so, the memories of those mood swings and weird stuff lingers on - that was high school and then we were both girls. I don't know if I could handle the same sort of behaviour in a male friend or in a relationship. Of course I have my own serious weirdnesses, fantasy lives and can sink to the dreaded depth of depression. Seems to me that Pisces and Scorpio could either soar together or they could drown each other. Looks to me like "Hearts" is a Cancer?

    Similar theatrics?

  • Turtledust, I had a look at your compatibility since you mentioned your birthdates. This relationship can be taken up with a struggle for dominance, not necessarily in the personal sphere but having more to do with ideas, methods, outlook and concept. Your friend is generally attentive to detail and wants to control the events unfolding around him, while you are much more accepting and diffuse, rolling with the punches and being flexible when confronted by the blows of fate. Differences like these may lead you two into polemical attacks on each other in almost any area of daily life, causing endless discussions and confrontations. It also gives the relationship an edge, however, a stimulus without which things could get pretty dull. Generally you two encourage sensuous, easy and relaxed feelings between you. Thus the relationship is characterized by a contrast between a sharply divided mental orientation and a unified and comfortable emotional state. Your friend brings out your more realistic side, and your love affair, although romantic, will be fairly well grounded. Your sexual contacts tend to be more sensual than passionate, more pleasurable and long-lasting than agonizing and tumultuous. Empathic feelings generally guarantee respect and understanding between the two of you. This augurs well for marriage, but you both are careful about taking this step, perhaps because you are quite aware of the differences in your outlooks and will usually take the time for a serious consideration of the pros and cons. Friendship in this combination is usually warm, and although you often disagree, you accept each other's viewpoints.

    ADVICE: Limit the scope of your disagreements. Put individual strengths to work. Learn to accept opposing points of view. Cultivate kindness.

  • Wow - thanks for the reply. So far we haven't had any big disagreements. Maybe what keeps us talking on the phone is our "endless discussions" on life the universe and the seeming deterioration of of brain activity in our adolescent children. Your advice is well taken because it is good advice regardless of the outcome.

  • Dear Captain

    I am staggered at the depth of your insight and would love a compatabilitty reading when yu have the time : I am 28/01/50 @ 4.15am, London - my other half is 17.08.49 @ 10.30pm London. Thanks so much.

  • Dear Captain

    I was reading your response to turtledust and I was wondering what do you see for me and two men in my life. The first one is april 13 I don't remember the year he is 55years of age and the other one is Oct 4 1974 and my birthday is July 12 1961. Can you please give me something about them. Thank You so much. And another question does the libra really feel the way he says he does about me. Or is he just blowing smoke up my

    Thanks You so much Illona

  • Highpriestess3, this relationship can be deeply symbiotic. While not always mutually beneficial, your matchup is extremely close, and in some cases you two are inseparable. You are especially conjoined in the realm of feelings, but this doesn't mean your connection will necessarily be loving or even sympathetic. However, the relationship has a heavy karma—that it was fated or meant to be.

    Like other relationships in this combination, romantic ties here will have an air of inevitability. The way you meet as lovers will almost always have a hint of the serendipitous. Nor do chance happenings end with early meetings: the unexpected is usually a part of the relationship's very fabric. Making schedules, dates or checklists is often considered undesirable here, for the spontaneous expression of feelings is a high priority.

    In marriage, your partner's dominance usually emerges and, in fact, may be needed to get you (being the more flakier of the two) on track. You will benefit from this kind of pressure, usually becoming stronger and more responsible through the relationship's influence. And if things are going well with you, your partner may be able to give up his need to control and direct.

    At work, your mental creativity may arouse your partner's envy and resentment, making him look as if he is moving in slow motion—even though he himself is no slouch in creative agility. Yet the combination you two make together can be even more inventive and productive than either of you alone, assuming, of course, that you permit your respective strengths to coalesce. As in certain chemical reactions, a catalyst may have to be present to start the whole process off: perhaps a person, a place, even a certain kind of day.

    ADVICE: A little structure doesn't hurt. Don't overdo your reliance on spontaneity and chance. Be aware of the needs of others.

  • 11 hearts07, you may have to get used to your hubby's retreats - they are actually good for him - and you. Getting away from what reminds him of his failure and stress (unfortunately that is you at the moment but don't take it personally) helps him gain perspective and calm. It's way better than the explosions that could happen if he stayed. Let him have his getaways from time to time - it'll be good for both of you to have some peace and calm to yourselves..

  • Blackladydiver and the Aries: the primary theme of this combination is the fight for personal freedom. The relationship will often involve power struggles, then, and is unlikely to be stable, especially since you two have trouble sticking to anything. There is a built-in desire here to be free of everything the relationship creates, whether it be a commitment or other structure, or simply a joint interest. If you become romantically involved, you will have an interesting, varied and intense relationship. You, BLD, usually have to have things your way, but your power to persuade and manipulate will be sorely tested by your friend's resistance and willfulness in both love and marriage. You two are better suited to each other as lovers than as spouses, since the combination's conflicts, tensions and searing passions go better with excitement, often sexual, than with stability and security. Your predilection to excess can be triggered if you find yourself playing second fiddle to your more worldly friend. At work, your friend wants only to be successful (though this is vital to him), while you are driven to reach the top. For you BLD, a fight for personal freedom against the influence of a less ambitious partner is likely to be a theme of this matchup. A friendship is unusual, since career, social or economic competition is likely to take precedence over trust, sharing and just plain fun. As parents, you two are likely to be adversely influenced by each other to the point where you will engage in power struggles over children, particularly should the relationship break up. ADVICE: Struggle can make you strong, but also, alas, insensitive. Avoid unnecessary conflict. Respect the values of others. Seek stability.

    Blackladydiver and the Libran: this relationship can be quite close and understanding. It is often a bond of the spirit—loyal and true. Religion or spirituality are prominent here, and although you two may have quite different orientations, each recognizes a kindred spirit in the other. BLD, your intensity may prove too demanding for your friend, who needs to be free to fly, but who is also capable of being quite content in the relationship as long as he doesn't feel restricted. The ties between you will be hard to break; you will share a lot, and having made this kind of investment in each other, you both will be loath to let go. Thus the beginning of

    the relationship can be fascinating, the middle productive and trusting, and the breakup extremely painful, if indeed such a relationship can ever really end. A love affair and friendship are often related here. You two are so natural with each other that you might be taken for siblings. Although physical, such relationships are more secure in the spiritual or intellectual realm, as meetings of minds and hearts. The combination has a quality of idealism—the type not read about or dreamed of but lived every day. You two may see no need to get married; in the most important way you are often already spouses, making the ceremony an empty formality. Friends and lovers in this combination may try sharing occupational pursuits, but in the long run they are better off pursuing their separate professional interests. Should you two find yourselves working together as a boss-employee or co-worker pair, you will do well to keep your relationship light and filled with wit and good humor. ADVICE: Try to be a little more realistic. Beware of undue attachments. Make preparations for difficult times. Try to avoid overseriousness.

  • Dear Captain

    Thank you so much for your quick reseponse and once gain, totally accurate. Symbiotic is very apt... as is karmic. Once again, thank you.

  • Hello Captain - I am brand new here but find your posts extremely interesting and feel that you know exactly what you are talking about. Can you please do a reading on me and my x boyfriend Terry. My birthday is July 29 and his is Sept 28. He broke up with me in August after dating since January 2005. He started flirting with me on the internet (which he just got right before we broke up to "see what was out there") and I told him not to contact me unless he was serious. We seen each other Dec. 27th but then he stopped the calls completely. I felt as if he were my soulmate and he said the same. He has totally changed from a good upstanding man to a low beat - up all night on the computer looking for women kind of man. I just don't understand it.

  • MsPositive, why are you also registered as Efirdk? I have already given you a reading under that name?

  • The Captain

    Thank You so much. For all the help you have gave me. I just want to know

    you see a lot of difficult times with me and the libra. And so he does not feel the way that he tells me he does. Is that what you were saying.

    Again thank You so much.

  • Yes you did and sorry. I lost my password and had to start all the way over 😞

  • Oh and Captain, thanks so much for the reading. It would be easier if we could persuade people to walk the right paths in life but if you haven't slipped then you don't know how it feels to fall and you wouldn't be able to share with others. thanks,

  • Blackladydiver, I know it is hard for you to trust people, but this Libran friend is a good friendship/ love match for you (but not marriage). He is not dreadfully deceitful, but he is eager to please and will bend over backwards to make you happy, often telling white lies in order to do so. I mean, don't you want someone to tell you you're gorgeous, even if you know you've put on some weight and need a good haircut? 🙂

    It is the Aries that you will have problems with.

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