Any psychic insight welcome..

  • For the last 2.5 years my life has been in constant state of change, to the point that I have become blocked and bewildered. I have always been very spiritual and had very powerful intuition and energy but the events of the last few years seem to have thwarted this somewhat. I feel like Im being put through one test of strength after the other with no time to breathe in between. I am a very strong person, and this is recognised by almost all around me and I have the ability to keep dealing with all these tests, but I still wonder what the universe is trying to tell me. I feel that I have very much proven my strength and ability to deal with issues.. The problems I have faced (financial) have led me away from home, and for the first two years I yearned to go back to the nurturing comfort of home... I have finally accepted after universal interventions at every attempt that Im not meant to be there, for whatever reason. I guess Ive realised that it is nurturing more than home that I crave and am opening myself to it in different areas now. In my travels of late I have drawn a few powerful connections with people that I hope would have been nurturing but these have all turned out to be further tests, a mix of sublime devotion and betrayal. Anyway, If anyone has any insight into my situation, as mine is seriously blocked at the moment, I would greatly welcome it. My DOB is 18 dec 1976.

  • First let me say that I do not consider myself an actual psychic, though I recently reconnected with an old friend who is part of the psychic community in her area and she feels that I am just untried and untrained. I have always been a pretty strong empath and had what I thought was just strong intuition, but I have begun having very strong feelings about things accompanied by images, which is why I am answering your post. I was just really drawn to it and got a strong impression from what you wrote. My feeling is that you are focusing on the events of your life being a test of your emotional and psychological strength, something you pride yourself on. However, I do not feel these are things you are supposed to deal with so much as learn from. I think there are lessons here that you may be missing because you are focusing on it as something to endure or survive. I also have the impression you are being led somewhere, for what exact purpose I am not sure, but connecting with people is part of it. Perhaps you are meant to share your great strength with others or help those who do not have enough strength of their own. Experiencing connections of both devotion and betrayal might be teaching how to recognize who to trust, who to connect with. Have you kept a journal of these events? Maybe you should look back at the past few years and try to discern patterns within them, try to find the lessons you may have missed. Fate is at work in your life, by attempting to return home, you have been fighting fate. You need to submit fully to it, something that may be difficult for you because of the strength of your personality. You are a rather dominant person, and to submit to anyone else's will, even fate's, is not easy for you. I believe this is a period of transformation for you, a point of becoming something more. If I get any other impressions I will let you know. I hope this helps at least a little.

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