What is truth something i just wanted to think aloud

  • This is a thought my thoughts arent clear cause i dont have a clear since of truth after reading this i wonder if you will to

    We as humans judge reality based off strong assumptions without the the clarity of truth each mind preceives its own perception of what it calls truth who are we to call each other liars when we are all just misunderstood the question is once truth is established what are you then this is the first point when stereotypes come in to play cause first are you good or are you evil then are you even human the mental reality of each person in constant clash everyday living together but in different worlds and for different reasons and reason is the why we clash in the first place reason being we dont share the same truth and the only thing we have to cling on to is these emotions called love and friendship and we only do it cause we belive we can share the same since of purpose when with all this being said some mentalitys dont no the meaning of those words its natrual for us to feel lonely but how we deal with it goes right down to the mentality wich dictates how that person acts and if they have thoes words missunderstood its almost a curse whoever comes in contact jesus is supposed to come back and he is said to defeat the antichrist with truth if christ and antichrist wer to be preceived as mentalitys then good defeats evil with truth if none of us has a fair definition on truth then how would we establish peace in the world today we as humans are forced to decide are we Christ or Antichrist this at the base of human thinking after this is freewill to be what we want selfish choose antichrist to look out for themselves cause they think no one else would when others choose christ because the belief in hope problem is its all for the pursuit of happiness do we find ourselves wich goes back to mentality almost like a one cell in a human body only when we move together can the body function if we split ourselves and neglect the absence of truth do we find our character wich also is preceived different threw other mentalitys cause they cant understand yours this creates the first wave of emotions some mentalitys cant deal with emotions wich also alters there character laymans terms is that each person is a cell in the collected human body as a group we are strong as one are invisble only with the right mentality we as humans will reach the right destiny like i said wich mentality will you choose christ or antichrist and if dont knoe the meaning of these words then you havent met reality the destroyer of dreams the creator of life only in realty do we grow this is where what u think and what you do matter or in metaphysics do they turn into matter and become who you are what you have made real what you have done will collect and grow until you run into your own opposite or antichrist or christ this is reality truth is what we make it and when u look at it our like mind, body and consciousness are fucked and unless we all work together to fix it we are fucked this is why we cling to hope but what is hope in reality its the assumption to think positive when faced with negative natrualy we want to survive so the mentality adapts and imposes its character and if yours is different from thoes around your mentality wont be accepted thus making you who u are almost by choice if you are christ amongst a whole body of antichrist are you still good or are you evil mentality seperates us and the truth of it is you are evil and if you choose to drop your mentality of christ and join the antichrist it gets easier but if you choose to be an individual amongst a whole you become isolated wich is almost like mental torcher evrday metaphyicaly you will be christ and walk his path now once you go threw the pain in reality it changes you slowly builds untill you snap and u become the antichrist in reality when before it was just a mentality this for instance turns into truth when u think about school shootings and thats a more controlled instance with smaller version with small number of people compared to this happening around the world on a large scale you could say that large wars that carry on are infact the bodys of christ and the antichrist without the clarity of truth its impossible to tell wich is right Truth people this is what we need to figure out in our hearts in our lives and in our governments without the joint effort we will never figure out were we really are going with this crazy game we call life

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