Node question - I sense a karmic do-over

  • I'm just starting to learn about lunar nodes, and I think mine are very strangely (to put it one way) placed. My North Node is in sixth house Pisces, about 8 degrees from my Descendant, and my Nodes square my Gemini Midheaven, while forming a sextile with Gemini and Virgo's ruler Mercury. With the house and sign placement of my Nodes, it seems to me that I am carrying over traits scarily similar to what I need to work on in this life, perhaps through writing or communication. Your thoughts?

  • Your South Node shows, you have already learned to be alone thinking much, which probably resulted in writing also. But now you have learn to move, to get in contact with others but in a balanced way. Work, but in a relaxed way. That seems to be the lesson for me.

    Being creatively destructive. Whatsoever you feel has become old, is of no use, that you just go on carrying out of habit, destroy. Go on destroying the past so the future is allowed to be. Go on destroying the junk that the past accumulates naturally, so that the future can have space within you and can enter you.

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