Very much need help

  • my ex-fiance is still on my mind.i cannot feel at all, only his absence in my life and the strong gut feeling that we were meant to be life partners. this is consuming my thoughts we broke it off in september and still the pain is fresh, am i confused? is this wishful thinking that we are meant to be. is there anyone here who could help me ? an intuative or pschic? right now im frozen with pain and sleepless nights he sent me a christmas card and signed it love.which put me back into a position of deeper longing for him, he broke it off because of his unresolved issues in past relationships(my beliefs) and did have a pattern of running away and then back again to me always apoligizing and asking me to come back saying he has seen his past and resolved his issues, i would ask are you sure? and he would reassure me that i was his future and he love me , i was the love of his life.please could someone give me please.

  • Hi Stclaire, I found this old post of yours. I was skimming through, the unanswered files. If he is tall with grey hair and twinkly blue eyes. Then yes. If not then that new handsome devil is on his way.



  • AHHHHH THANKS DEAR I WAS A MESS THEN ........IM WAY BETTER NOW ,but still think of him! im now in a good place and thinking what is best for both of us, will happen if it is meant to be it will be. also our breakup was what sent me on my journey to reconnect with G od so it was a blessing, everything does happen for a reason! still love him but now its up to G od! he is tall 6f 2i has twinkling blue eyes his hair is brown with just a little gray so maybe he and i have grown enough through out this to have a miracle!! and if not thats ok to! all will be ok either way. Gods plan is the best plan! ill let you know about the handsom devil!! tall is good im 5f 8i! i need tall!!!

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