Can anybody interpret this dream

  • I met a guy that really triggered a change for me last year and it was a very self reflective year. I have many dreams about him and a more recent one really had me like what is going on? With this guy I always felt like I could sense things about him, a unspoken communication in a way. I even knew personal info about him that he was suprised that I knew the first day I met him. I am trying to let go but I cannot deny its difficult to shake him.

    My DOB 8/19/1985

    His DOB 5/22/1987

    The Dream:

    We were both in the bed and all of a sudden he said that he knew that I was having his baby. He kept repeating this as if he was angry that I was trying to hide it. But I was confused because I was not pregnant. Then he began to choke me and he said that he was going to kill me. I got out of the grasp somehow and bolted out of the house butt naked! He was chasing after me, like on my tail and I was so frightened for my life. I ended up busting the windows out of someone's house, broke in the house and grabbed a phone to call 911. He was still real close, I was really fearing for my life. I kept calling 911 and was running all throughout the neighborhood hiding from him. Eventually the police came and told me that they found him sleeping and woke him up. He then killed himself and an innocent bystander.

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