Not a typical Canerian woman?

  • I have read many profiles about Cancer women and for the most part they are true: I am moody, I need security and to trust etc. When my trust is shattered, either in actuality or mere suspicion I go crazy. But, I don't go into my shell. I get more expressive, want to talk and talk talk about the issues. I have a fiery temper and am equally outgoing. Any other Cancer women like this or have experience with Cancer women like this? When I am hurt I don't like solitude....I very rarely go into my shell.

  • I am like you. I expolde and want to talk and discuss BUT then I hide. I first need to know the reason and understand "why" somebody did or said something that hurt me. Once I understand the "why" then I hide. I need to think and process it. BUT I always need to know the "why". And even then I'll ask 100 more times just to be certain.

    It takes a lot for me to finally explode but when I do look out.

    Another thing I do is constantly bring up the past. Always. If somebody hurts me I can never forget it and I say I forgive but the truth is I don't. If it's a very BIG hurt that is.

  • my sister is a cancer. She is typically caring although very moody. She is also prone to jump to conclusions without seeking facts. If she feels her trust has been betrayed she has a volcanic temper and she explodes with rediculous and completely unexpected fits of temper. She becomes very irrational throughout these.Once she cools down however she becomes very emotional, teary and apologetic for her outburst. These outbursts usually happen after she has bottled lots of issues up. She is also very easily influenced by her partners.. She is also outgoing and I wouldn't describe her as ever going into her shell either.

  • I don't hide At ALL but like you the past weighs heavily on me...and I analyse and rethink which is frustrating because it's often questions which cannot be answered

  • Your sister sounds like me....what date is her birthday?

  • 24/6/1971

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